Best Bitcoin Movies to Watch

As an emerging digital currency investor, it is always good to acknowledge the history of bitcoin’s discovery and leading blockchain trends in the marketplace. Visit a trading platform to get a deep analysis of bitcoin trading. Blockchain has evolved immensely in the last decade, and you cannot completely understand this technology in a 10-minute YouTube video.

Even if you don’t know anything about cryptocurrencies, the majority of the bitcoin-related movies help you learn about digital currency concepts from scratch. In addition, movies can help you learn the use case of digital currencies, different digital currencies, and the forthcoming years of humanity with digital currencies.

Here are some of the best bitcoin movies to watch that are engaging and informative at the very same time.

Banking on Bitcoin

Banking on bitcoin is amongst the utmost informative movies structured around the concept of bitcoin’s use as a monetary system. The genre of this movie is documentary. The creator of banking on bitcoin has disclosed the use case of bitcoin as a payment system and many other aspects related to bitcoin.

Banking on bitcoin is available on a few OTT platforms and one famous OTT and video streaming platform where you can find this movie at amazon’s price. The length of this movie is one and a half hours, and the movie will keep you engaged till the end.

The director of banking on bitcoin is Christopher Cannucciari. It correspondingly offers a brief overview of the journey of this digital currency from 2008 to 2016.


The majority of the bitcoin-related movies focus on bitcoin and not on other digital currencies, but Crypto is amongst the few movies that cover altcoins alongside BTC. Crypto is not a documentary movie like banking on bitcoin, and the genre of this movie revolves around crime thrillers.

The movie reveals the utilization of digital currencies in funding illegal activities like money laundering, illegal activities, and other criminalized activities. The movie does not merely cover criminalized events but also sheds light upon cryptocurrency’s core technology.

The director of the crypto movie is John Stolberg Jr, and the actors cast in this movie are Alexis and Luke Hems worth. As a result, Crypto is ranked under the most exciting and informative movie related to bitcoin.


The movies above shed light upon the concept of cryptocurrencies only, and a few movies cover blockchain technology alongside bitcoin and other digital currencies. Cryptopia is one of the few movies that put the limelight upon blockchain technology alongside bitcoin.

Bitcoin Movies

The genre of this movie is a documentary similar to banking on bitcoin, and it was released during a pandemic. If you haven’t ever heard of the term bitcoin or cryptocurrency, you can watch this movie as it will turn you into a master.

Trust Machine

Both Cryptopia and Trust machine are amongst the few movies that shed light upon the concept of blockchain. Trust Machine does not merely talk about this technology’s real-life solicitation but also discusses how this technology came into live-action alongside bitcoin and who discovered it.

The creator of the trust machine released this blockchain-related masterpiece in 2018 after the cryptocurrency crash. The producer of the trust machine movie is Alex Winter, and this movie assists users in exploring different kinds of logical criteria of the core technology of cryptocurrency.

The Rise and Rise of Bitcoin

The movie covers the massive growth of this digital currency in the past decade. This bitcoin movie was amongst the first movies related to bitcoin as the creator of this movie released this masterpiece in 2014.

The director of this movie is Nicholas Moss. The producer of this movie is Ben Bledsoe. This exciting movie covers every subject related to digital currency and not only bitcoin. You can watch the rise and rise of bitcoin on video streaming platforms like Amazon prime video, and this movie has acquired a good rating on IMDB.

Netflix; Cryptocurrency

Most cryptocurrency and bitcoin-related movies revolve around the documentary genre, making the movie more information. For example, Netflix correspondingly released a cryptocurrency-related documentary, and the movie helped many users to get information regarding this concept.

The above-listed portion describes everything you should know about the best movies to watch related to bitcoin.