How To Fix ‘Bioshock Remastered Crashing’ on Windows 10

Developed by 2K Marin, BioShock 2 is a first-person shooter. In other words, it’s the follow-up to 2007’s BioShock. BioShock 2 was remastered for high definition release in 2016. Increased speed and responsiveness means a more satisfying gaming experience for you.

Some Windows 10 users, however, claim that the game BioShock 2 Remastered frequently crashes and that they have no idea why.

Bioshock Remastered Crashing

If you’re having issues with Bioshock Remastered Crashing on Windows 10, here’s what you can do to get it working again. Have no fear. It is recommended that you attempt each of the following suggestions in order.

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BioShock Remastered has been a popular title among gamers who are fans of the original BioShock series. This remastered version promises enhanced graphics, improved gameplay, and a rich narrative experience.

However, like many video games, it also has its share of issues, including crashes and performance requirements. This SEO-optimized article aims to answer your burning questions like the causes of BioShock Remastered crashing, its difficulty level, frame rate on PC, and much more.


Causes of BioShock Remastered Crashing

Several factors can contribute to BioShock Remastered crashing. Here are some common causes:

Outdated Drivers

Outdated GPU or system drivers can lead to instability and crashes. Always ensure your drivers are up-to-date.

Software Conflicts

Running multiple applications in the background can cause software conflicts that lead to game crashes.

Insufficient System Requirements

Your PC may not meet the minimum or recommended system requirements, leading to performance issues and crashes.

Corrupted Game Files

Corrupted or missing game files can also cause BioShock Remastered to crash. Verifying the integrity of game files through your game launcher can resolve this issue.

Method 1. Play the Game in Admin Mode

Inadequate administrator privileges are a common cause of Bioshock Remastered Crashing. You can solve the issue by starting the game in administrative mode. Your first step will be to locate the directory in which you set up the game.

If you have already set up Steam, you can find it by following the instructions below.

Step 1. To begin, locate the Steam client on your computer’s desktop and double-click its icon there.

Step 2. Second, select BioShock 2 Remastered from the list of games by right-clicking it in the LIBRARY tab. Then click the Property tab.

Step 3. Third, in the new window, select the LOCAL FILES tab and then BROWSE LOCAL FILES to locate the game’s installation folder.

Step 4. Fourth, open the game’s configuration options by right-clicking BioShock Remastered’s executable and selecting the configuration option.

Step 5. To do this, open the menu by clicking the gear icon, then choose Compatibility from the menu that appears. Start the app in administrative mode.

Step 6. Sixth, after making any necessary adjustments, hit “Apply” and “OK” to store the new settings.

The game can be tested for correct functionality by starting it up. If you are still experiencing crashes, move on to the next option.

Method 2. Turn off Steam Overlay

Users have reported that while Steam Overlay is a helpful in-game feature, it can sometimes cause issues. To avoid further problems, you may want to disable this option for BioShock 2 Remastered exclusively.

Step 1. First, fire up Steam and head to the library of games. Click the right mouse button and select “Properties” to access your game’s settings.

Step2. Second, disable the Steam overlay while playing by deselecting the checkbox for this option in the “General” page.

Step 3. If the Bioshock Remastered Crashing problem still persists after that, try restarting the game. If this doesn’t solve the issue, try the next one.

Method 3. Refrain From Overclocking.

Overclocking is the procedure by which a user increases the graphics processor’s maximum clock speed beyond the factory settings. Overclocking the GPU or CPU might cause BioShock 2 Remastered to crash.

You can test if the game runs normally once you’ve stopped overclocking your GPU or CPU.

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Method 4. Modernize Your Outdated Windows

It’s possible that Windows is at the root of Bioshock Remastered Crashing issues. It is recommended that you perform an update check and apply any relevant changes.

Step 1. Start by pressing the Windows key plus the letter I to access the Control Panel.

Step 2. To go to Step 2, select Update & Security. Then, under the right sidebar, select Check for updates.

Step 3. Third, follow the on-screen prompts to complete the update installation.

The next step is to reboot your computer and see whether the issue persists. If the problem persists after updating to the latest graphics card driver, it may be a sign that your system’s device drivers are out of date or corrupt.

Is BioShock Remastered Hard?

The difficulty level of BioShock Remastered is subjective and depends on individual player skills. The game offers multiple difficulty settings, allowing you to tailor the experience according to your preference.

Newcomers can start with the ‘Easy’ or ‘Normal’ settings, while seasoned players may opt for ‘Hard’ or ‘Survivor’ to enjoy a more challenging gameplay experience.

What Frame Rate is BioShock Remastered PC?

BioShock Remastered aims to deliver a smooth gameplay experience with its remastered graphics. On a PC with recommended system specifications, you can expect to achieve frame rates of up to 60 FPS. However, the frame rate may vary depending on your system’s hardware and settings.

How Much RAM Does BioShock Require?

The minimum RAM requirement for BioShock Remastered is 4GB, while 8GB or more is recommended for optimal performance. Meeting or exceeding the recommended RAM can contribute to a smoother gaming experience, particularly in graphically intense scenes.

Does BioShock Need a Graphics Card?

Yes, a dedicated graphics card is recommended for BioShock Remastered. The minimum requirement is an NVIDIA GeForce GTX 770 2GB or better. Integrated graphics may not provide an adequate gaming experience and can lead to crashes or low frame rates.

How Many GB is BioShock 1 Remastered?

BioShock 1 Remastered requires around 25GB of free disk space for installation. This includes space for the game files and any additional downloadable content or patches that may be released.


BioShock Remastered offers a fantastic experience for fans of the original series, but it’s crucial to ensure your system meets the game’s requirements for an optimal experience.

Crashes can often be resolved by updating drivers, closing background applications, or verifying game files. The game’s difficulty is adjustable, and its performance on PC can be quite smooth, depending on your hardware.