Top List of Best Transcription Software in 2024

There are many reasons why businesses require advanced transcription services. To prepare proper documentation for meetings and other business deals, familiar software is highly required. Besides, the latest automated transcription software is the key to get flawless scripts without bothering yourself with time-consuming transcriptions

Sure, video and audio text copies take a lot of time. You can spend days or even weeks transcribing your files if you have lots of content to prepare. In most cases, you simply do not have that spare time. What is more, you do not even need to do it yourself.

The advanced automated and manual transcription services assure accurate texts are delivered timely. It is always better to focus on more important work and leave the transcriptions to professional transcriptionists. All that is requested from you is to select the best service to do the job.

Top List of Best Transcription Software in 2021

With the latest speech-to-text technology, you get your text copies in minutes. When you need experts to complete your tasks, you should wait for a maximum of a few days. Once checking for the best online service to choose, you should pay attention to the price, level of accuracy, any extra charges, advantageous additional features, etc.

Benefits of Professional Transcription Services

Expert online services bring lots of benefits for clients. You can be a student who needs to get a printed copy of a video lecture or a business owner who needs proper records of the video conference. No matter your purpose, automated software and professional human transcribers always bring you lots of advantages.

  • You save lots of time previously needed for long and time-consuming transcribing of video and audio content.
  • The automated transcription software assures that you get your printed copies in a few clicks only.
  • You no longer need to take notes during conferences and business meetings since you can simply transcribe your recorded files afterward.
  • You can use the services for creating subtitles (often in foreign languages as well).

The benefits of voice-to-text software make it an essential tool for students, journalists, writers, managers, business owners, and other people. Just make sure you always select the most efficient and reliable service online.

Top List of Best Transcription Services

Check the following top list of the best transcription services to find the best assistance online. Read the important details about every mentioned service. You can always find yourself the best helper to assure accurate and timely transcripts.

                                                   1. GGLOT

GGLOT will surely help you to save time spent on converting speech and audio/video files into words.

Quickly transcribe speech to word internet in any language. Gglot’s multilingual transcription service is perfect for interviews, content marketing, video production, and academic study.

Whatever sound you have, our artificial intelligence will convert the speech into words for you.


The service translates audio to word in more than 50 languages ​​for 1 available fee, covering Korean, British,

Russian, Chinese, Spanish, Dutch, French, German and Japanese. It handles a wide range of audio and video

files spanning . avi, . mp3, . mov, . mp4, . wma, . m4a, . mp4 and aac.

Thanks to the timecodes and the sheer number of speakers, you may be another one to view your transcript.

You will be able to protect and export the transcript in various formats, including PDF, MS Word, VTT, SRT, and others.

With GGLOT, all your foreign subtitles, titles, and transcriptions will be stored in one cloud storage.

Gglot makes it easy to extract the necessary information from audio and video.

files, independent of dialect, background noise, volume, or tempo.

Gglot has a free plan. Commercial Intents start at $9.90 per month.

2. Transcriberry

This service is one of the most effective and accurate these days. The service offers accurate and fast automated and expert assistance. You can order automated transcripts, or get experts to transcribe your video and audio files. Transcriberry is an up-to-date service that offers specialized help, rational prices, and effective software.

You can get both automated help and manual assistance. Besides, the company offers foreign subtitles and translations. The high accuracy assured by the company’s experts makes the service one of the most appreciated by clients. You can get manual assistance for $1.25 per minute. The automated software usage costs $0.25 per minute.

3. Rev

This modern service brings a high level of accuracy and a variety of transcription-based services. You can always get accurate transcriptions and subtitling services. Rev brings even such original features as live captions for Zoom webinars and conferences. The service brings practiced help with various video and audio files.

The company’s experts provide fast services. Thus, you can get your completed scripts in a few hours only. You can also order foreign subtitles at the website. Rev assures flawless transcripts and decent prices. You pay $1.25 for transcripts provided by experts and $0.25 for automated ones.

4. Scribie

This is the exact service that brings both extra features and extra charges. The website provides both automated and manual transcripts of your video or audio files. The company assures a fast turnaround. Thus, you can expect to get your scripts sent in less than 36 hours. The company provides free reviews if you are not satisfied with the quality of delivered texts.

Scribie Audio and Video Transcription Software

You pay $0.80 per minute for manual transcripts and $0.10 for automated ones. For files with a difficult accent, loud background, or bad quality of sound, you will need to pay an extra $0.50 per minute. In addition, all documents are checked by proofreaders in the end.

5. GoTranscript

This is a particularly great service for video and audio with strong accents. There are more than 48 languages available for clients. The company also offers STEM transcription, assistance with academic and complex technical papers. This British service is perfect for the transcription of files with a British accent.

The turnaround is fast, and prices are affordable. You pay $0.90 per minute of audio transcription. You always get your scripts timely. Only in a case with very complex topics, you can wait longer for your documents.

6. GMR Transcription

This service works with audio files mostly. You can order expert transcription services. You can use both manual help and automated software for your files. The quality of the provided scripts is high, but the turnaround is slower than in other familiar services. You pay $1.25 per minute for manual transcription. The price can be higher if the file contains the speech of more than one speaker, problems with sound, etc.

You can check all the services offered, and compare their key features, pricing policy, and level of accuracy to make your final decision. You definitely should focus most on the services that offer and assure high accuracy of documents. Remember that such factors as a strong accent, long surroundings, and bad quality of files can influence the final price for your order.

No matter the company you select, you can always get lots of benefits offered by automated transcription software and experts. With expert or automated assistance, you get completed scripts of your audio or video files in a few days or even hours. In such a case, you never waste your time on time-consuming and quite routine transcriptions. Thus, you can always focus on more important business.