Top 4 Best CRM Software for Businesses in 2024

At the present stage of the development of Internet marketing, every business needs to build a sales funnel. If you sell on Instagram or own an online hypermarket, then with the implementation of CRM, you can minimize costs and maximize profits.

We have collected the main benefits of using CRM and present you with 10 systems that are optimized for Russian business.

What is CRM?

CRM is a sales automation tool that allows you to increase profits through the rational allocation of resources.

Top Best CRM Software

The main advantages of the system implementation:

  •  Increase in LTV;
  •  Effective work with digital marketing tools;
  •  Reducing the cost of sales;
  •  Monitoring the effectiveness of employees;
  •  Increased customer loyalty.

The acronym is derived from Customer Relationship Management, which stands for Customer Relationship Management System.

The effectiveness of CRM has been repeatedly confirmed by foreign audit and marketing companies. According to Salesforce, the implementation of a CRM system increases sales by up to 29%. And a report from Nucleus Research says that $1 of investment in the program provides $ 8.71 in ROI.

It is still difficult to judge data due to the weak distribution of systems. As of 2019, only 17% of Russian companies have implemented this tool for working with clients, and 55% of respondents from the business environment have not even heard of it.

One of the possible objections to the implementation of CRM may be the statement about the effective work of sales. However, the fact of having sales and the effectiveness of employees should be separated. If customers purchase a product, this is not guaranteed proof that the sales department is performing well.

Perhaps the value of the product is so high that customers are ready to purchase it, or the customer has been influenced by contextual advertising. Without the necessary metrics, it is impossible to be confident in the quality of the work of the employees. CRM helps to find weaknesses in business processes and gives a representative report on the work of each salesperson. The top crm software:

1. amoCRM


  •  Intuitive interface;
  •  Suitable for small businesses;
  •  Simple integrations;
  •  Easy learning.


  •  Small cloud disk space;
  •  Not optimal for large businesses.

2. Microsoft Dynamics


  • A modern system based on AI;
  • Adaptation to the needs of large business.


  • Price;
  • Complexity of implementation and training.

Microsoft Dynamics is a tool for large companies. In the application, the maximum emphasis is placed on the use of artificial intelligence, which tracks not only the process of the customer’s movement along with the sales funnel but even the tone of messages during communication and the connection between customers (via LinkedIn).

Microsoft Dynamics

Given the complexity of the setup and the cost of the license, Microsoft Dynamics will be of most interest to a business that sells expensive high-margin products.



  • A modern system based on AI;
  • Adaptation to the needs of large businesses.


  • Price;
  • Complexity of implementation and training.

SAP CRM is a professional complex system with widespread implementation of AI, optimized for mass control over customer behavior. Artificial intelligence, in particular, allows you to create targeted advertising messages and combine customers into cohorts.

4. retailCRM


  • Adaptation to the needs of online retail;
  • Convenient client management in social networks;
  • Paid subscription prices;
  • Free version available.


  • Long-term tuning

RetailCRM, as the name implies, is designed for online store customer relationship management. The system has integration with the catalog (including on stock balances), and also sets up automatic rules for repeat sales.