The Best Antivirus of 2020 to Protect Computer

Protecting your PC from internet threats and other malicious software is a very challenging task. The moment you switch on your personal computer and connect it to the internet, you are getting exposed to cybercriminals. Due to security features and clever programming, the hackers find it hard to penetrate your personal information. But still, people are becoming the victim of cyber attract and losing valuable data and incurring a financial loss. In order to avoid any loss, we need the Best Antivirus of 2020.


To protect your PC from cybercriminals, it’s highly imperative to use antivirus software. Most of the time, people think antivirus is nothing but a waste of money. Since the Antivirus often uses a decent portion of the computer resource, your PC might perform slower. So, picking up the right antivirus is a very daunting task. However, we will make your life easier and highlight some major points for which you can consider Bit defender as the best antivirus for the year 2020. In this article, we are going to highlight the key features of Bitdefender antivirus and you will understand why we are considering this antivirus as the best one.

Phishing Site Detection

More than 1.4 million phishing sites are created every month. So, it should be clear, that hackers are always trying hard to get access to your personal information. Most of the naïve users can’t detect the phishing sites. The often input sensitive data like credit numbers, social security numbers, etc. and complete false purchases in the phishing sites. The hackers use this sensitive data and get access to the user’s bank account and cause major financial loss. But you can easily avoid phishing attract by using the professional and most reliable antivirus like Bitdefender. It can easily detect the phishing sites with a high level of accuracy and warn the users.

Webcam Security

Do you know the hackers can easily get access to your webcam and record private footage without your concern? Most of the time these footage are used to blackmail the users. But if you install Bitdefender antivirus, it protects you such intense threat. Your privacy will be protected even when you are connected to the public network. And in each update, Bitdefender is adding new features so that their users can browse the internet in a more secure medium.


Secured Payment Solution

This is one of the most advanced features of the Bitdefender antivirus which makes it stand out in the crowd. Most of the time, the users get hacked while trying to purchase in the fake sites. You log in and financial information might get compromised when you try to complete a purchase in the authentic sites. But if you use the safe browser of bit defender, you are safely free from the hacking software like key loggers and malware. Those who purchase online or deal with online transactions must use these features since it will give them an extra layer of security while processing the online payment.

Advanced Password Manager

At times the hackers get vital information from your personal computers. They might even extract the exact password from the personal computer using a virus and spy software. But with the help of bit defender advanced password manager, your data will be safe. You don’t have to remember a complex password anymore. All the passwords will be stored in the Bitdefender in the encrypted medium. To be precise, Bitdefender will give you a better online life.


By now you must know why Bitdefender is our top priority. But still, you can try different antivirus and see how it works. Most of them will use heavy resources and slow down your PC. And when it comes to performance issue, it’s very hard to get the premium features which are available on Bitdefender.