Bernie Sanders is Once Again the Star of a Meme

Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders is a strong supporter of living wages and a previous Democratic presidential contender who came in second place to current Vice President Joe Biden.

In the hours following Vice President Biden’s socially detached inauguration on Wednesday, the internet seemed to be overrun by altered photographs of him, many of which were made possible by his functional clothing choices.

Bernie Sanders is Once Again the Star of a Meme

Sanders was spotted sitting masked, cross-legged, and dressed up in a heavy coat and mittens against the chilly cold on the Capitol steps in Washington, D.C.

Photographer Brendan Smialowski of Getty Images captured the iconic image, which quickly went viral and was used in countless parodies, mashups, and other creative works.

The Day Bernie Sanders Became President

The Day Bernie Sanders Was Elected President Today is a historic day. After four trying years with Donald Trump as president, many in the United States feel like they have a new beginning.

A chance to improve, and a chance to give democracy another go. A collective sense of relief swept over the nation as the world saw Lady Gaga, J.Lo.

Vice President Kamala Harris, and the 46th President of the United States, Joe Biden, ascend the inaugural stage after a long and difficult January.

The Vermont Senator Has Another Meme Under His Belt

The Senator from Vermont now has experience with two different memes. Sanders wore a jacket created by the Vermont-based company.

Burton Snowboards and a set of mittens designed and made by a Vermont educator, Jen Ellis, who have since become famous.

Sanders became a trending topic during the inauguration within minutes. Sanders in a folding chair began appearing in a variety of accounts and brands.

Any location may have Bernie photoshopped into it. Chairman Bernie was present everywhere: in films, on stages.

In landmark events, in other memes, and even on the moon. After Biden’s inauguration, the meme was everywhere.


Dressed like he was out on an errand at the presidential inauguration, U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders is now a fashion star for wearing a heavy winter coat and mitts.

The 79-year-old senator made a fashion statement on Wednesday by wearing a Burton snowboarding jacket and homemade wool mittens while carrying a huge brown package, standing out amid a sea of expensive coats.