Beloved Italian Entertainer Raffaella Carrà Dies at 78

For decades, Raffaella Carrà was one of the most popular entertainers on Italian television. She was known as the “queen of Italian TV.”

She passed away on Monday at the age of 78, according to family members quoted by Italian state television.

Beloved Italian Entertainer Raffaella Carrà Dies at 78

The star’s death in Rome after a long illness was announced by her family in a statement carried on Rai state TV. There was a complete lack of information.

In the early golden years of Rai, when the network was the only countrywide TV broadcaster.

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he petite Carrà was a huge hit because to her upbeat personality and powerful, almost husky, singing voice.

Carrà was credited with helping Italian women become more confident with their bodies and sexuality, even baring her belly button during a TV performance.

Thanks in part to her often sexy costumes, which were considered daring by state TV standards in a country where the Vatican wields considerable influence.

Carrà was a Popular Figure

Carrà was a household name in both Europe and Latin America thanks to her recurring roles in a wide variety of hit TV shows.

Carrà, a Bologna native, made her cinematic debut in Tormento del passato at the tender age of 9.

She then went on to star in various comedy and action films, as well as several Italian “peplum” pictures in the early 1960s, including Fury of the Pagans and Atlas in the Land of the Cyclops.

Her first major performance was with Frank Sinatra in the World War II drama Von Ryan’s Express, directed by Mark Robson shortly after she arrived in the United States in 1965, signing with 20th Century Fox.

Back in Italy in the 1970s, she performed as a singer and dancer on a number of different variety shows.

Where she gained notoriety for her outspoken nature and for being the first TV personality to bare her belly button on national television.

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Raffaella Carrà, age 78, passed away in Rome following a protracted illness, as reported by relatives and friends.

“She has gone to a better world, where her humanity, her inimitable humour, and her exceptional talent will shine forever,” said Sergio Japino.

Her choreographer, lifelong boyfriend, and close friend, in a statement reported by the Italian news agency ANSA on Monday.

Carrà was a musician, actor, and TV host in Italy who was noted for his flamboyant glitz and glamour. His presentations often featured celebrities like Nobel laureates and hula hoop masters.