Behind Her Eyes Season 2 Release Date, Cast, Plot and More

We still haven’t accepted that ending after more than a year. It’s possible that we’ll never get to this point. A strange dream at the end of Behind Her Eyes season one caused the tale to proceed in a new route.

Not everything or anyone turned out to be what they seemed to be. Is the sitcom based on Sarah Pinborough’s best-selling novel.

The novel is about a group of individuals living together returning for season two? This is important information for you to be aware of.



A Brief Description of Behind Her Eyes Series

Behind Her Eyes is a Steve Lightfoot-produced web series based on Sarah Pinborough’s 2017 novel of the same name.

It premiered on Netflix on February 17th, 2021. Simona Brown, Tom Bateman, Eve Hewson, and Robert Aramayo appear in the short-lived series.

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What is the Behind Her Eyes Series Based on?

By releasing the series just before Valentine’s Day, Netflix was able to take advantage of the show’s popularity by serving up a classic psychological thriller with all the right ingredients.

The show begins with a drunken kiss between Louise (Simona Brown), a single mother, and David (later revealed to be her new boss) (Tom Bateman).

Louise befriends David’s wife Adele (Eve Hewson) against her better judgement, and things only grow more complex when David and Louise begin an illicit relationship.

Has Behind Her Eyes Been Renewed for a Season Two?

Due to the nature of the series, Behind Her Eyes was originally meant to be a one-off episode. It’s feasible, however, that Netflix will order a second season of the thriller given its popularity – as of Feb. 23, it is No. 2 on Netflix’s Top 10 US streaming chart.

Netflix has a tendency to hold off on series renewals for a month or so, even for projects that create as much attention as Behind Her Eyes has, like Bridgerton and Fate: The Winx Saga. Check back frequently for Behind Her Eyes season renewal news.

Behind Her Eyes Season 2 Release Date

The second season of Behind Her Eyes will not air in February 2022. Considering the season was planned to be a Netflix exclusive.

This shouldn’t come as much of a surprise Nevertheless, Netflix, there must be more to the story.

Netflix has never failed to deliver on a single-episode show commitment. The vast majority of the time, when something is a one-time event, it is.

Even so, there is still a lot of information that we don’t have. We’ll let you know if anything changes.

Is There a Second Behind Her Eyes Novel?

Sarah Pinborough, the author of the 2017 novel that served as the basis for the Netflix series, has yet to produce a sequel.

Asked if Behind Her Eyes would return for a second season, Pinborough said, “Not as far as I’m aware.”

I’m curious to see where they take it because the ending is quite closed.” But you never know if it succeeds.”

The implication here is that if Netflix and showrunner Steve Lightfoot wanted to develop a second season, Pinborough would not be part in the writing process.

Even those who have read the original novel would be surprised by the possibilities of this brand-new material.

Behind Her Eyes Season 2 Cast

If the second season receives the green light, you can expect Simona Brown to reprise her role as Louise. At the end of season one, Rob penetrated Louise with psychiatric medicines.

Rob took advantage of Eve Hewson’s body-swapping abilities to defeat her. Adele’s body was taken over by him when he discovered how she lived and took over her body (Eve Hewson).

He’s been doing everything he can to keep David, pretending that he’s Adele. Because of his feelings for Louise, he eventually had to take her over.

We may expect Tom Bateman to reprise his role as David’s new wife, as well as David’s former wife. Flashbacks are common for people who have changed bodies.

There is a good chance that Robert Aramayo, the actor who played Rob before he began switching bodies, will make an appearance.

Behind Her Eyes Season 2 Plotline

Since it was inspired by an actual book, Behind Her Eyes has no idea where it can go next. David believes he is married to Rob since his ex-wives, Adele and Louise, are no longer alive.

According to author Sarah Pinborough in an interview with the Washington Post, “They [TV executives] wanted a happy conclusion.”

She said that some of the book’s harsher sections had been deliberately omitted. “I believe they cared about Louise’s well-being. You’re right, of course.

It was never going to happen, though.” No one wanted to murder the cat or have an abortion, “Adele” said herself after killing the animal and having an abortion in her own body.

According to the actress, “I don’t think it would have been appropriate for the show.” If I were to redo it, I think I would have omitted that part. When Rob entered into Adele’s body, I’m delighted they pulled out.

Behind Her Eyes Season 1 Recap

The show opens with a drunken kiss between Louise, a single mom, and David, her new boss. It becomes much more problematic when Louise and David begin an affair after Louise befriends David’s wife Adele.

It is revealed that “Adele” is actually Adele’s buddy Rob, who has the ability to project his consciousness into Adele’s body. Louise eventually acquires this skill of her own own. As a result, the story’s entire arc is altered.

In the moment Louise discovers this, Rob transfers his mind to her body, while Louise transfers hers to Adele’s body.

While Louise is still alive, Rob takes over her body and kills her, leaving Louise without a life to live. Rob marries David and has a son named Adam.

Where can we Watch Behind Her Eyes Season 1?

Behind Her Eyes is an official Netflix series that launched on 17th February 2021. So, you guys may binge-watch it there. Illegal piracy websites including Extramovies, Fmovies, Downloadhub, 123 Movies, and even some channels on Telegram had the full series in HD quality.

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However, it is important to note that Netflix has yet to declare whether or not Behind Her Eyes will be renewed for another season. According to Netflix’s The Numbers, it was the second most popular title and the most popular series in the United States at the end of February.