Bad News About Apple’s Rumored VR Headset

It had been a long time that there was going to be a VR headset coming from Apple. It also had been very much excited about the tech there is. Now there is some bad news that is there. It seems that there had been a delay as it had been saying recently that it is very likely that the most anticipated Apple’s rumored VR headset is going to face another delay.

This info is reliable as it is given from a reliable source and you all know the source is reliable if you have been following on the updates about Apple. It is said according to the ever-reliable Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo.

Bad News About Apple's Rumored VR Headset

He had made sure that the people knows that the mass production of the VR headset is not starting till late in the next year of 2022. So for the production to be complete, people have to wait for it till 2023.

Kuo had gone ahead before, and he had at that point in time predicted that Apple’s new and very exciting headset would now has been released in the second quarter of  2022. People had been looking forward to the new headset. But there is now a delay, and that delay is a big one.

This new delay that is happening right now is apparently on the matter and due to the fact that Apple wanted to ensure “complete software, ecosystem, and services” that will go along with the headset.

This is a valid excuse, and it is understandable when you take the time and consider that the device is rumored to cost anywhere from $1,000 to $3,000. That’s not a cheap price to pay, so the people who are wanting to buy the VR headset will have to pay a high price, and they will expect an excellent performance from them.

That’s all for now. We will be sure to keep you updated if we get any other news regarding this matter. So keep your eyes on the news.