Authorities: No Criminality Involved in LaGuardia Emergency landing Incident

On Saturday around 3 p.m., an American Airlines flight from Indianapolis landed safely at LaGuardia Airport.

In Queens following a security incident involving a suspicious package and a passenger who was allegedly acting erratically. Authorities later determined that no criminal activity was involved.

Authorities: No Criminality Involved in LaGuardia Emergency landing Incident

Scared Passengers Prompted The Pilot to Make Emergency Landing

Saturday, passengers on a Republic Airways flight were thrown into a state of terror and uncertainty as the jet made an emergency landing at New York City’s LaGuardia Airport due to an onboard problem.

The passengers on American Eagle Flight 4817 reported a fellow passenger’s “suspicious and erratic behaviour,” leading to his immediate arrest upon landing.

On Sunday, law enforcement declared that they would not be filing any criminal charges against the individual.

The FBI and the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey investigated the incident, and they concluded that it was a “misunderstanding.”

Abigal Kunkle, a passenger on the aircraft from Indianapolis to New York, stated, “Some people were yelling, ‘bomb,’ and some people were yelling, ‘fire.’

It’s pretty unclear what’s happening. Most people were simply saying, ‘Run. Go.'”

It was established that the passenger who caused the emergency landing at LaGuardia Airport on Saturday afternoon “did not make a verbal threat” and was not in possession of any contraband, so no charges were brought against him.

Thomas Topousis, a spokesman for the Port Authority Police Department, said on Sunday that a man, who was not recognised, had been arrested and questioned by officials, including the F.B.I., before being released.

Mr. Topousis said in a statement on Sunday, “The Port Authority Police Department decided there was no wrongdoing.”

The captain of the Republic Airways plane, which was flying as American Flight 4817 out of New York’s LaGuardia Airport, “declared an emergency” to airport staff shortly before 3 p.m. on Saturday.

The pilot can be heard on the video saying, “We have a problem where a person, a suspicious person, has an item that looks like an explosive device.”

Announcing his intention to touch down, the pilot then makes the announcement. According to the recording, he says, “We’re planning to turn off the runway and then we will arrange to evacuate.”

The pilot later adds, “Everyone else is afraid on this aeroplane,” stating that the crew “doesn’t know what this person has.”

A total of 78 passengers and crew members boarded a plane in Indianapolis and landed safely. Immediately following the landing, emergency responders swarmed the plane.

FAA official Steve Kulm reported that all passengers left the aircraft without incident.

On Saturday, Republic Airways’ spokesman Jon Austin confirmed that the flight had to make an emergency landing due to disruptive passenger conduct.

Passengers watched as emergency personnel surrounded a man who was lying on the ground. In yet another clip, evacuees are instructed to “move back” to give first responders and rescue personnel room to work.

Someone on the trip said that there was complete chaos when they got off the plane. Saturday, Fawad Khuja, who was sat in the fourth row, told reporters that the plane had braked shortly after it landed, prompting passengers behind him to shout for an emergency evacuation.

Someone was talking about a man having “a strange device,” and he overheard it.

A number of people were “panicking and were shoved to the ground,” he said. I jumped out when the slide opened. There was a mass influx of people who rolled and slid to the ground. “That was totally out of control.”


Officials reported a “security situation” involving a passenger on a flight from Indianapolis to New York City. On Saturday afternoon, prompting the deployment of emergency services at LaGuardia Airport.

The passenger was still in police custody on Saturday night. Officials denied social media rumours that there was a bomb on board or that anyone had made threats involving explosives.

Delta Connection, United Express, and American Eagle are all airlines that Republic Airways provides service for, at least according to the company’s website.