8 Best Augmented Reality Apps For Android And IOS In 2023

Augmented reality is getting a lot popular nowadays. More than 60% of consumers are invested in Augmented Reality. But the sad truth is not more than one third of the company uses it. 60% would prefer store with the augmented reality and 40% would buy after experiencing the commodity through Augmented Reality. Are you willing to get into this for the prospect of commerce?


8 Best Augmented Reality Apps for Android and IOS in 2020

Augmented Reality is a technology which places a 3D visual into a real world experience. It usually gives an experience that the artificial object is existing with you in real life. It is a good technology that is used by gaming companies to provide a more vivid and a more real life stimulating experience for the gamers. It can also be used in shopping experience. Imagine it when you are shopping online.

You can only see the dresses and only sometimes you can get a 360 degree view of the dress. But in Augmented reality you can actually see how that dress looks on you or how that cabinet looks in your home. The opportunity is endless. There are several other fields that Augmented Reality is used now a days.

The technology is used by several apps. There are several apps that you might even be using but you don’t know about it. So in this article we have decided to list Augmented Reality Apps for you. We are here today to provide you with the top 8 best Augmented Reality. So without any further ado let’s get right into it.

1. Houzz

It a top Augmented Reality App which you can use to design your house. It is a interior designing and layout app. It is obviously one of the best one in the market. It is primarily a home improvement app. Houzz has e commerce functionality that allows the user to browse through their products and make any in app purchases if they so desire.

There is a ‘ View in my room’ feature that allows the user to see how different products or furniture will look into their room. It uses 3D technology and that makes the objects seem very life like and real. And believe us when we say that you can even check out how the products look in different lighting. What more can you ask for?

2. IkeaPlace

This is another home décor app that can be used by android and IOS users as well. This Swedish Retailer provides the opportunity to the users for placing furniture in their home through Augmented Reality. This app looks at the bigger picture. It takes into account the home space that you have available and your floor plan too. You can see what will fit Where and then also choose colours to see how the furniture will look. It is a fun experience.

3. YouCamMakeup

This is a different king of Augmented Reality. It is a cosmetics app. It is available in both android and ios. The users can verify that this is a great app. Buying makeup is a issue online. You won’t know how it looks on your skin unless you actually see it. Buying makeup at shops can also be deceiving because of the lighting. But YouCam Makeup is ruling with the opportunity to try on makeup from different cosmetic brands using Augmented Reality.

4. GIPHYWorld

Imagine a world with Gifs. It would be a lot colourful and interesting. This app actually combines animated GIFs and Augmented Reality. It is a fun app where you can moving photos and videos in the real life space through your phone. It is a lot like Snapchat’s several filters. You can add spice and tang to your life using this app. The social media can also be made an interesting place using the GIPHY world.

5. GoogleLens

You may have used this. It an Augmented Reality App for Android. It is a search based app. Instead of typing what you are looking for you can simply open your app and point it at an object. If you don’t know about the object then google can identify the object for you and also give you a lot of info about it. If the object is available for sale then it can tell you Where it is available.

6. Augment

This is another Augmented Reality App. It is especially for e-commerce store owners. They can make an Augmented Reality image of their products using this app. This is then primed up for the customers use. It is a pretty simple app and easy to understand. It is a great app for temporary physical retail ventures.

7. Roar

This Augmented Reality App is again for business owners. Using this app they can create a Augmented Reality Store Where customers can come and browse through their products online. There can be a number of features included in the online shopping by the owner for the benefit of the customer. The customer can also experience a great deal by just going through the store. They can know more about items they are interested in. If they like something then they can purchase the product in app.

8. Amikasa

It is basically an online furniture shop but with Augmented Reality. It is only available to ios users since the Android version is not available. They have products from different brands and stores so the customer does not have to browse through different sites. They can get it all here. If you are selling home goods then you can try putting up your item in Amikasa.


Thank you for reading this article. We hope that you have benefitted from the list that we have mentioned above. Do recommend it to a friend if you have found that this article is useful. Have a good day and good luck. Take care.