Attack on Titan Season 4, Release Date, Plot, Cast and More

Attack on Titan, the 2013 anime series based on Hajime Isayama’s manga of the same name, has become a worldwide favourite among anime fans.

In the beginning, Man vs. Titan was a plain story of death and destruction. As the series progressed, though, it became increasingly sinister for our beloved heroes.

The narrative of Eren, Mikasa, Armin, and a slew of titans will come to a close with Attack on Titan season 4 part 3. To date, this is all we have learned.

Attack on Titan Season 4

Armin Alert

Mikasa Ackerman and Armin Arlert are two of the two deuteragonists in the anime/manga series, Attack on Titan.

He is Eren Yeager and Mikasa Ackerman’s childhood closest friend and a refugee from Shiganshina.

Armin’s strategic ability and intelligence more than make up for his physical shortcomings, and he has saved Eren and Mikasa more times than he cares to remember.

The Survey Corps counts him as one of their most important members when he helps them uncover the identity of the Titan infiltrators.

Erwin Smith, Survey Corps’ supreme commander, is able to immediately communicate with Armin’s superiors and comrades thanks to Armin’s strategic acumen, bypassing the traditional military chain of command.

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Armin Alert in Attack of Titan Season 4

This version of the anime features Marina Inoue, who also voices Momo in My Hero Academia and Yoko in Gurren Lagann.

Josh Grelle, who plays Fumikage Tokoyami in My Hero Academia, is his voice actor in the English dub.


When Armin was a child, he had a natural curiosity about the world outside of the Walls.

His grandfather had a copy of an illegal book on the outside world that he discovered and studied as a child.

Eren Yeager, his best friend, was informed of the book’s contents by his pal. Because of his extraordinary curiosity for the outside world, Armin was regularly picked on by other kids who labelled him a heretic.

In order to protect Armin from the local bullies, Eren and Mikasa would regularly step in.

That and Armin’s weak physique contributed to Armin’s self-esteem issues, making him feel like an outcast and a burden to others around him.

Armin’s Story

As a result of the deaths of his parents and grandfather, Armin decides to undergo military training with Mikasa and Eren.

The basic aptitude test was a challenge for him, but he finally passed it, and now he’s trying to assist Eren pass it as well.

Armin was seen as a weak physical specimen, and he was ranked eleventh out of twenty-five. However, when it came to theoretical classes, he was at the top of the heap.

Eren and Mikasa have been saved by his ideas numerous times, but he is unaware of this and hates himself for being so dependent on them.

Hearsing of Trost’s onslaught, Armin is terrified for the future of humanity. When Eren reminds him that not all is lost, he trembles in terror and has difficulty repairing his gear.

Abilities of Armin Alert

His 3DMG is rarely used in combat because he’s one of the weakest soldiers and is rarely sent to the front lines.

His greatest asset, though, is his intelligence, which enables him to be an exceptional field tactician, a skill that he alone possesses among the current class of recruits.

He has a natural ability to deduce and formulate strategies, whether in a war room or on the go.

To make matters more interesting, he’s the one who tracked down and identified every hostile titan shifter amongst the current group of recruits.

How many Episodes of Attack on Titan are Left?

The length of Part 3 isn’t certain, but it’s likely to be quite brief. This is due to the fact that there is a severe shortage of new material.

Season four of Attack on Titan included chapters 91-116 of the manga, which required 16 episodes to adapt. Episodes 117-130 of Final Season Part 2 were aired over 12 episodes.

Attack on the Titan Season 4 Cast

The main cast of Attack on Titan has been confirmed to return for season four. The voice performers for Season 4 of Attack on Titan are

Maria Inoue as Armin Arlert

Yuki Kaji (Noragami Season 3) as Eren Jaeger

Hiroshi Kamiya as Levi

Shiori Mikami as Historia

Romi Park as Hange Zoe

Yui Ishikawa (Violet Evergarden Season 2) as Mikasa Ackermann

Takehito Koyasu as Zeke

Hiroshi Kamiya as Captain Levi

Attack on Titan Season 4 Plot

Eren Jaeger, whose mother dies and his hometown is ruined, is the central character of this drama.

He has vowed to rid the planet of the monstrous Titans that he believes are responsible for the planet’s demise.

In season 4, Eren and his comrades will discover the sea, as well as a host of other issues. They intend to take out all of the giants in the area.

Titans are a species of mindless, omnivorous human eaters that lack reproductive organs and do not mate.

Their sole purpose is to eat humanity, except for the Nine Titans, whose human-level intellect was taught to them by a human being.

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Anime series Attack on Titan is a Japanese-based dark fantasy television series that is one of the greatest ever made.

The show has a large and devoted following. A familiar premise — protecting the Earth from an existential threat — is given new life in this compelling series about doing just that.