5 Best Asset Management Software

Asset management software is a platform that allows one to organize and track important details about each asset one owns. It can be very tedious to maintain spreadsheets to track this data. Moreover, for big companies, if proper asset planning and organizing aren’t executed, it leads to heavy losses for the company. This is why we need this software which proves to be super beneficial in this domain.

Using asset management software lowers costs, improves services, and also lets you organize, plan out and utilize your assets well. It lets you create an accurate picture of all your assets which you can use to effectively manage all of them.

If you have been struggling to find a similar software that matches your asset management requirements the best, you’ve landed up at the right place! This article explores one of the best asset management software available out there.

5 Best Asset Management Software Available In The Market

1. ManageEngine AssetExplorer

This is one of the best software available in the asset management field. It comes equipped with mature technology and is enabled with a toolset comprising of various rich features such as managing the inventory, properly organizing assets, administrating the software license, and much more! It is a paradise for starters as it is not only priced reasonably but also easy to set up.

Asset Management Software

A 30-day-free-trial is available which lets one explore the software without having to spend any money. Since all of its features can get a little overwhelming to learn all at once, ManageEngine AssetExplorer comes equipped with a Quick Links feature that will let you focus on the task that you’re working on.

2. InvGate Assets

This is one of the best asset management software which comes at a reasonable price for small/medium businesses. The setup takes place very quickly and easily. The navigation is super simple to follow and can easily be performed by a novice as well. The software gives indications in the form of alarms when any problem occurs with respect to the assets.

The payment scheme is very reasonable as InvGate Assets cost depends on the number of nodes you have which are only counted when an agent is installed for its application. Another great feature it supports is that users get unlimited access to a phone and web support that also includes a huge knowledge base.

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3. Ivanti IT Asset Management

This software is perfect for those who long for flexibility in managing their assets. The software’s major boon is that it has interfaces designed for both mobile phones and desktops. It comes equipped with a very easy wizard setup and a variety of tech-related support features.

An Ivanti user gets access to technical support via a phone and web portal. For those who opt for the premium version, access is given to the support of a technical account manager who responds in 30 minutes or less. The premium version also lets its clients opt for 24/7 phone-support service.

4. Asset Panda

This platform comes equipped with an option of having unlimited users, free mobile apps that allow barcode scanning, field mapping, premium technical support. All these features make it the most value-for-money asset management software.

Users can easily customize the workflow for both management and inventory in a single platform. An Asset Panda user can add documents such as photos, videos, and other kinds of files to an asset. To add to the convenience, it comes with a mobile app equipped with the capability to scan barcodes and add assets.

5. GoCodes

GoCodes is a mobile-compatible setup that provides physical stickers that contain detailed overviews of one’s assets. It can find assets both online and digitally. It can also track physical assets, both networked and non-networked. All these features combined with its affordable price point make it accessible to every user.

It is also quite convenient because it does a lot of the harder work for the user such as analyzing asset type, subtype, and serial number and calculating future depreciation using common calculation scenarios. Asset files can also include attachments in the form of invoices, photos, and videos, which makes storing additional information effortless.

Wrapping up

We hope this article helped you gain insight into various asset management software. So, what are you waiting for? Hop on and dive right into the world of organization and planning with an asset management software best suited to you.