Best 10 ‘Apps To Track Your Kid’s Phone Location’

Are you a parent and need to know about some ways through which you can track your kid’s phone location? If that’s the case then you have landed yourself on the right site. Here we are going to let you know about some apps through which you can easily track your kid’s phone location. 

Just read this article till the end to find out what possible options you all have when it comes to monitoring the spied location of the child with the help of a tool. Have a look at the following list and pick your favorite application so you could leave your worries behind.

In our digital era, tracking phone locations is a feature often sought for various reasons, ranging from safety concerns to keeping tabs on a misplaced phone. But how ethical is it to track someone’s location? Is it even legal?

Apps to Track Your Kid's Phone Location

What are some benefits, and how safe are these tracking apps? Let’s dive into this comprehensive guide that tackles all of these pressing questions and more.

What are Track Phone Location Apps?

Track Phone Location apps are mobile or web-based applications that allow you to monitor the geographical location of a smartphone. These applications make use of GPS technology to provide real-time or historical data about the device’s location. They are commonly used for parental control, personal safety, or business management purposes.

10 Apps to Track Your Kid’s Phone Location

Below are the 10 apps that help you in tracking your kid’s phone location easily. Check these out:

1). Spyine

In case you need to know how to track someone’s location by cell phone number by using Spyine then you are in the right place. This application is one of the finest ones when it comes to doing all the work with 100% safety. This application is easy to use and there is no need to execute any tough commands in order to run the app.

Spyine App to Track Your Kid Phone Location

Parents who are worried about their kids would find this app really good as it gives you access to the spied device’s location without even touching the phone. For iOS just add the iCloud account details and that’s it. Your work is done here. There is no need to do anything else.

For Android devices just install the app in the spied device and allow it to run in the background as the app is really small and doesn’t drain the battery of the phone so you are safe in using this app

track cell phone number location using Spyine

The application is really easy to utilize and 100% safe for all kinds of spying tasks. You can read more from the official website today to learn about the features in detail. The application has everything for you to offer that you cannot imagine otherwise.

Use Spyine

In order to find out the location of the device just follow the device on a map where you need to mark a few places and when the device will cross those marked places you will receive an alert and will find out where the device is at the current moment. This feature is called geo-fencing.

2). Spyier

Parents can also use this application as it gives a really amazing sense of ease. The app is really good when it comes to functions. There is no need to do anything complex when it comes to using this application as the commands are really simple and can easily be executed. 

Spyier functions in stealth-mode and that’s the reason your whole process of spying remains safe and secure for you. The app is real so if you are thinking about legal issues then no need to be worried about it.

3). Minspy

With the help of this application, users can find out about the location of the target phone. It doesn’t matter whether the phone is an Android or iPhone, the results for both kinds are equally good. This application has everything that one needs in a modified application today. 

The app has really cool features that come along in such a great price range. Minspy is all you need if your main preference is to go for something that is 100% safe and secure to utilize.

4). Spyic

With its dynamic features, Spyic has everything that one needs in an advanced application today. It has everything that people need to look for in a tracking device. The application is really easy to use and gives you 100% results.

Spyic App to Track Phone Location

By working in stealth-mode this app makes sure that your privacy will remain intact. You can use this app for any kind of task, with any kind of browser. This will never make you feel bad about anything.

5). Neatspy

A new application in the world of tracking devices, Neatspy is a great contribution that can be used for all kinds of safe tracking. You can use this app for iOS as well as for Android phones. The application can work with all kinds of browsers so there is no need to be worried about it.

Neatspy has different subscription plans for you to offer so go for the one you think is best for you. There is a live demo of the app on the official website so you can also watch it to know about the app in a better way.

6). Cocospy

This application is another addition in the tracking devices. There are many users who use this application and love it because of its outclass features. You will not find anything better than this tool if your main concern is to go for ease of usage.

Cocospy is really good when it comes to features and pricing plans. All the subscription plans are really cost-effective so go for the one you think is the best for you according to your tracking requirements.

7). TeenSafe

Now there is no need to be worried about your kid’s online mobile phone activities because you have one of the best applications in hand. TeenSafe helps you in finding out about the location of the target phone easily. 

You will not find anything better than this app when it comes to ease of usage and high quality performance. TeenSafe has everything that one needs if the main concern is to keep an eye on the spied phone remotely.

8). FoneMonitor

This is another application that lets you know about the location of the spied phone whenever you need to. There is no need to stay close to the target device all the time as the application functions from a safe distance.

FoneMonitor App to Track Your Kid's Phone Location

This application has everything that one could ask for. FoneMonitor is really easy to utilize and it keeps track of all the activities of the spied phone completely. The app has really amazing features that cannot be ignored. 

9). Appmia

This is the second last application in our list of apps to track phone location, that helps you in getting to know everything about the target device safely. Appmia functions safely and will make sure that your identity remains anonymous. 

There is no need to be worried about following the commands as using the app is quite simple because the instructions are easy and can be followed without any trouble. 

10. Secure Teen

This is the last application on our list that allows you to get to know the location of the target phone easily. You can find out much more about your kids by using Secure Teen. The application runs in stealth-mode and makes sure that your privacy will remain intact.

The ease of usage and high-quality features are additional perks that we belong with this app. You can try this app whenever you need to as this has everything that one needs in a well-trusted application.

Can I Track Someone’s Phone Without Their Permission?

The simple answer is no; tracking someone’s phone without their explicit consent is a violation of privacy laws in many jurisdictions. Unauthorized surveillance could lead to legal repercussions, including fines and imprisonment.

Therefore, it is crucial to get the permission of the person you intend to track, unless it’s a minor under your legal guardianship.

Can I Track the Location of a Cell Phone for Free?

Yes, there are several free apps and built-in features on smartphones that allow you to track a device. For Android phones, Google’s “Find My Device” and for iPhones, Apple’s “Find My iPhone” are popular free services. However, free apps might offer limited features compared to their premium counterparts.

How Can I Track My Phone if It’s Turned Off?

It’s challenging to track a phone that is turned off using conventional GPS-based apps. However, some advanced apps and services use other methods such as Wi-Fi and cellular data for tracking. Furthermore, certain tracking services maintain a log that can help you determine the last known location of the device before it was turned off.

Benefits of Track Phone Location Apps

1. Personal Safety

In an emergency, tracking apps can help pinpoint the location of you or your loved ones.

2. Lost or Stolen Device Recovery

These apps can assist you in finding your lost or stolen phone.

3. Parental Control

Parents can monitor their children’s location to ensure they are in a safe environment.

4. Business Management

Employers can track the whereabouts of employees who work in the field, ensuring productivity and safety.

Is Track Phone Location Apps Safe?

While these apps come with numerous benefits, they are not without risks. Unauthorized use can lead to privacy invasion and potential harassment. Moreover, not all tracking apps are secure, and some could be fronts for malware or data theft. Therefore, always choose a reputable app, read reviews, and understand its privacy policy.


Pick your favorite app to track phone location from the list above and let us know what you feel about it after trying it for once. Most of Phone location tracker apps offer free subscription plans for you to pick from so just go for the one you think is the best for you for a month for free, and later go for the paid plan. 

Tracking phone locations comes with its set of benefits and drawbacks. While these apps can be life-saving in emergency situations and useful for recovering lost devices, they should be used responsibly and legally.

Unauthorized tracking is a violation of privacy laws, and the misuse of this technology can lead to severe consequences. Therefore, if you decide to use a tracking app, ensure it is for ethical and legal purposes and that the software comes from a trusted source.

With these insights, you can now make an informed decision about using Track Phone Location Apps. Stay safe and use technology responsibly!