All You Need To Know Apple Watch Series 7

The Series 7 Apple Watch’s display is larger, brighter, and more durable than ever before, and it now reaches all the way to the device’s bezels.

Even though this model doesn’t introduce any groundbreaking health improvements, it does include a few tweaks that are worth looking at. An incremental yet desirable improvement with new colours, faster charging, and unique edge-to-edge watch faces.

All You Need Know About Apple Watch Series 7


Apple Watch Series 7

Updates to the Apple Watch for Series 7

Apple has positioned the Apple Watch Series 7 as the pinnacle of its wearable revolution, rather than by adding some silly new feature or sensor. It’s the best possible illustration of how much functionality can be packed onto a wrist-worn computer.

It’s possible Apple will do a complete redesign in the future, but for now it has to figure out how to update an old design without breaking anything.

The new Apple Watch, like all previous models, is compatible with existing Apple Watch bands. Apple’s original focus on the Apple Watch’s fashionable potential has remained through the device’s many different band options.


To make the Apple Watch’s display 20% larger than its predecessor, Apple extended it beyond the device’s bezel. The screen size has grown by 50% for those upgrading from the Apple Watch Series 3, although the casing has grown by only 3mm.

When the always-on screen is turned off, the screen brightness increases by 70%. This makes it easier to see text at a glance, even in bright light.

Apple has also optimised many of its apps for the greater screen size. The buttons on the calculator are now larger, text messages display more information, and the keyboard is now the full size, making it easier to type with a swipe.

Apple claims the Series 7 Apple Watch’s display is the most scratch-resistant of any Apple Watch before it. The cover’s glass is thicker and more resistant to cracks where it is most elevated.


The seventh generation Apple Watch lacks any innovative health functions. The Apple Watch Series 6, which will no longer be sold by Apple, already has all of the health capabilities present in the new hardware.


The rate at which your heart beats is the single most important indicator of health and fitness. The Apple Watch’s infrared sensor on the back takes readings of your heart rate continuously and stores them in the Health app.

Electrocardiograms can also be taken manually by connecting the Digital Crown to a heart rate sensor. Users can use this metric to evaluate if they are experiencing irregular heart beats and, if so, whether or not they should seek medical attention.

The sensor stack also has a blood oxygen sensor. Light-emitting diodes and photodiodes monitor oxygen levels and sound an alarm if they drop below a predetermined threshold. Lung problems and other illnesses can be better diagnosed with this information.

Preventing Falls:

Apple Watch can detect falls and collisions thanks to its accelerometers. When activated, an Apple Watch will enquire as to whether the wearer has fallen and requires assistance.

An alarm will begin counting down after one minute of inactivity. If you are unable to contact emergency services, your Apple Watch will do so automatically so long as it is synced with an iPhone.

Users over the age of 55 have automatic access to this feature, while users of any age can actively activate it.


When activated, the Apple Watch may keep track of the decibel levels around the user and send a warning if they approach unsafe levels. The decibel level can also be seen in a simplified form for quick reference.

When Apple Watch recognises that the user is washing their hands, a twenty-second timer will begin. In an effort to promote healthy lifestyles during the pandemic, this function was implemented.

The Apple Watch will also automatically record your sleeping patterns. If you wear your Apple Watch to bed, it will analyse data from several health sensors to determine how well you slept.


The Apple Watch has made fitness a central focus; the Fitness+ app was designed specifically for the device. Keep tabs on your exercise sessions, whether you prefer walking or swimming.

As Apple refines the algorithms in watchOS, automatic workout identification has gotten better. With watchOS 8, when a user is cycling, multiple sensors will trigger an automatic workout.

In addition, the algorithms have been fine-tuned for precise calorie counting on an e-bike. It can tell if the bike is being propelled by the rider’s legs alone or with the help of pedal assistance.

The Apple Watch’s Fitness app provides a wide variety of workout options. You can choose from activities like cycling, swimming, core, HIT, and even hiking. Pilates and yoga are two of the new workouts in watchOS 8.

Battery, Connectivity, and Power Management

Apple claims the Series 7 Apple Watch can last as long as its predecessor, for 18 hours. However, the ability to charge has been upgraded, resulting in significantly shorter charging times.

When the Apple Watch is linked to a power source, it will charge 33 percent faster, allowing you to get eight hours of sleep monitoring from just eight minutes of charging. According to Apple, the battery can be charged to 80% in 45 minutes.

Although Apple didn’t discuss it, the chip is a brand new S7 SiP. There are additional components on the chip in addition to the same core processor as the S6. The S7’s improved display, fall detection, and other features may justify an upgraded bundle.

The Apple Watch continues to support the LTE connection. You’ll need a data plan from your wireless provider, but that’s probably already included in your iPhone plan.

Materials and colors

Aluminum, stainless steel, and titanium are among materials you can choose from for your new Apple Watch Series 7. The aluminium model is unique in that it now comes in a wider range of colours.

Midnight, starry, green, blue, and (PRODUCT)RED are the aluminium hues available. Silver, graphite, and gold stainless steel finishes are commercially available. The titanium version still comes in the classic space black and titanium.

Pricing And Availability

As with its predecessor, the Apple Watch Series 7 costs the same as the Apple Watch Series 6. The 15th of October saw the beginning of early shipping and a limited release in stores.

The base price of this 41mm watch with a sport band is $399. Buyers can select their preferred watch case material (aluminium, stainless steel, or titanium), band color(s), and functionality (cellular or not).