All You Need To Know Apple Watch Series 5

Even though it’s an older model, the Apple Watch Series 5 is still a formidable foe in the complicated realm of wearables. It debuted in September 2019 with some novel, out-of-the-ordinary functions including monitoring your hearing health and a compass.

While the latter was more of a gimmick, the Series 5’s health features, such as the emergency dialling tool that pairs with fall detection, are fantastic. If the Apple Watch detects that its wearer has fallen and has been immobile for more than a minute, it will dial 911 if the user has selected this feature.

Apple Watch Series 5



All You Need to Know: Apple Watch Series 5

The Series 5 Apple Watch wasn’t a radical departure from the Series 4 model in terms of design, but it did provide more colour options, including two lighter titanium variants, a ceramic white model, and new special editions from Nike and Hermes.

Yet, the always-on screen was the most notable advancement. For those who were tired of constantly flicking their wrists to check the time, this revolutionary new feature was the highlight of the Series 5 Apple Watch. Thankfully, Apple has continued this trend with the release of the Apple Watch Series 6, one of the greatest smartwatches available right now.

So if you’re interested in an Apple Watch but don’t want to shell out for the newest Series 6, don’t worry; the Series 5 still has most of the cutting-edge features, including the Always-on Display.

Date of Series 5 Apple Watch release

The Series 5 was unveiled at Apple’s September 10, 2019 autumn event. The product was officially offered to the public on September 20, and customers may begin purchasing it later that day.

This model’s standout function is the industry’s first always-on screen. The new screen persistently presents the current time and any problems. The new Apple Watch also features the first ever integrated compass in a wearable device.

In addition, all Apple mobile models will soon have access to international emergency services. Models in ceramic white, natural brush, and space black titanium are all back for Series 5.

Costs for the New Apple Watch Series 5

The base price for the GPS-only version is $399. The LTE-enabled version of this handset can be had for a starting price of $499. The aluminium versions are priced as follows.

The price increases with the number of extra features you select and whether you want a model made of ceramic, titanium, or stainless steel. The new titanium finishes for the Series 5 Edition start at $799, while the grey ceramic is gone and the white ceramic costs $1,299.

New to the Apple Watch in Series 5 include

Apple’s new S5 CPU powers the Series 5 and makes it up to twice as fast as the S3 (includes W3 wireless chip).

We haven’t seen gold Apple Watch bands since the first generation model, when it came with a leather strap. The Series 5’s storage capacity of 32 GB is double that of its predecessor, the Series 4.

The Always-on Screen Should be Disabled.

The Series 5 Apple Watch introduced a new always-on display that allows you to view your Watch face without touching or moving your wrist. But, the watch’s display may be toggled off when it’s not in use via a simple option.

To access the app view on your Apple Watch, push the Digital Crown, and then tap Settings. To adjust the Always On setting, go into the Settings menu, then choose Display & Brightness.

Make Text Bigger on the Screen

As a smartwatch, the Apple Watch Series 5’s display is naturally somewhat small when compared to that of a smartphone. You can prevent straining your eyes by adjusting the size of the displayed text. Simply navigate to the Settings menu and then select Brightness & Text Size. Adjust Font Size as needed.

Your Palm is a Mute Button.

Is your Apple Watch Series 5 on a call, or do you just want the screen to go dark when you get a notification? To instantly mute your Apple Watch and turn off the screen, just tap your hand over the display.

Set Your Own App Shortcuts

When you access the app dock on your Apple Watch Series 5, the most recently used apps will be displayed automatically. Whether your most recently used apps or your most frequently used apps are displayed in your dock is something you can decide.

Launch the Watch app on your iPhone to customise the screen. The Dock menu should then be chosen. Selecting Recents or Favorites for display is an option here. If Favorites is selected, you’ll see an option to edit it in the top right corner. From there, you can pick and choose which programmes to feature.

Cast off Excess Water After Swimming

The Apple Watch Series 5 is waterproof up to 50 metres, but if you take a swim with it, you need still use the eject feature to dry off the internal speaker. Swipe up on your Apple Watch face to open the Control Center before you take a dip.

Then, select the “water eject” button represented by a water droplet. After exiting the water, turn the Digital Crown as directed to expel any remaining moisture (you may hear beeps while you do this).

Control Wristwatch Alerts

Is your Apple Watch inundating you with too many alerts? The buzz from your wrist isn’t necessary for every notification on your phone. The Apple Watch’s notification settings can be modified on the iPhone via the Watch app.

The next step is to go to the Notifications menu. Toggle the switches next to the apps you want to notify on your Apple Watch by scrolling down the page.

Quickly Dismiss All Alerts

Have you ever picked up your watch to find that it was covered in alerts? Use this method to dismiss all of your alerts at once instead of deleting them one by one. To access the Notification Center, swipe down from the top of the screen.

Then, use a bit more pressure than usual to force-touch the screen’s centre. Lastly, you can dismiss all alerts with one push of the X button.

Share your location in Messages

If you have an Apple Watch Series 5, you’ll never have to go through the stress of attempting to meet a buddy and then realising you can’t find them. You can now use Force Touch to broadcast your current location in Messages.

You can access a deeper menu by pressing the screen firmly. Just send your current position as a text message by selecting the Send Location option under Maps.