Apple Mobile Device USB Driver Missing {Solved}

One of the most common errors which the user may witness while accessing an Apple device is the showing of pop up notifying that the Apple Mobile Device USB Driver Missing. Mostly this error occurs due to the inability of the iPhone device to navigate a driver in its a system which creates an inability of the chips and boards to connect with the windows operating system.

As a result, there gets file crashes and failures of the system of the iPhone to connect with the Windows server. One may try to fix up such errors by installing some of the concerned Apple device drivers manually.


3 Ways to Fix Apple Mobile Device USB Driver Missing

In most instances, the primary reason behind the occurrence of Apple Mobile Device USB Driver Missing error is the failure of the system to display drivers to connect them with the Windows server.

As a result, the user will not be able to find their Apple USB drivers in the device manager due to the fact that the system is not working properly due to undue settings.

There exists an inbuilt ability in Apple devices to manage its applications and software through the windows platform. That is why, till the time when the USB driver connects to the system correctly the service will not lead the parent folders to start automatically.

Solution 1: Check Connection of Apple Device

Before starting the manual set up options for fixing up the issues related to USB connectivity errors in Apple devices, firstly, the user must ensure that there exists a proper connection between the concerned Apple device and the computer. If any user is suffering from the problem that the device connectivity is not visible in the computer, then it might be the symptoms of the concerned error.

One may try to fix up such an issue by ensuring that he is using a good quality USB data cable, which is being capable of transmitting the information from one device to another. There is also an option of creating bootable device with

There can be chances when the data cable does not work in one cord, whereas it starts working in another cord slot. Therefore, one may also try to change the cord position accordingly as well. It can also be proven as an effective way to resolve the Apple Mobile Device USB Driver Missing problem.

Solution 2: Restart the Apple Mobile Device Service

The Apple driver is a back rub application program. It might get crashed many times due to several errors and reasons. Furthermore, its module provides an interface to the users for operating further. Therefore there exists another solution to fix this error. Reboot or restart the Apple Mobile Device service in their system overlay to fix the error. Follow the undermentioned steps:-

Step 1: Give the command of Windows + R to the system to open a dialogue box. Type “services.misc” and then tap on the OK button.

Step 2: He will need to navigate the “Apple Mobile Device Service” and then go further in its properties option.

Step 3: He should stop the services in that option. At the same time, he must ensure that the start-up type has been set to automatic mode.

Step 5: And here you go! The user can now easily connect to iTunes and check that the connection has been duly established.

Solution 2: Reinstall Apple Mobile Device USB Driver

Reinstalling software for fixing up bugs issues has been appreciated in the majority of the situations. It is one of those solutions to fix up the errors which do not require that much technical knowledge. One can easily reinstall Apple Mobile device USB driver to fix up the concerned error by following undermentioned steps properly:-

Step 1: Firstly, the user needs to disconnect the data cable from both the devices.

Step 2: Now, the user needs to connect the USB driver to the Apple device again, but this time he must ensure that the device screen is not locked.

Step 3: Give the command of Windows + R to the system to launch a dialogue box.

Step 4: In that dialogue box, the user needs to type “devmgmt.msc” and then click on the OK button.

Step 5: Then, in the device manager option, tap on the update driver option.

Step 6: Once the driver gets updated, the user needs to ensure that he is operating the system on the latest version of the windows servers.

And here you go! The bug will get fixed. Now the only thing the user requires to do is reboot their system, and then they can start operating their Apple device with properly established connectivity with the USB driver.

Note:- If the user has downloaded iTunes from the Apple store. Then he needs to follow up under mentioned guidelines for fixing up the error;

Step 1: Firstly, he will be required to disable the connection of devices.

Step 2: Then, he needs to establish a connection between the devices again. However, this time he must ensure that the screen is not locked.

Step 3: Give the command of Windows + R. Once the user gives this command, a pop-up dialogue box will appear. He needs to confirm by tapping on the OK button for launching the file explorer.

Step 4: It will open the file explorer where the user will tap on the install button.

Step 5: One must ensure that the files which are going to be downloaded have an extension ending with “.inf“.

Step 6: And here you go! By rebooting the system after these steps, the error will get fixed up. The user will not experience any error related to USB Driver Missing issues.

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Lastly, we can say that there does not exist a sole method to fix up. We can use several ways to fix the concerned error of Apple Mobile Device USB Driver Missing error. Follow these steps to get rid of the problems very quickly. Users across the globe widely accept the solutions. Thus you can trust it and follow up as well.