Apple Arcade is Not the Cross-Platform Utopia We Expected

Apple has been turning a blind ear to the pleas and requests of the users that have been insistently asking them to merge iOS and MacOS. This is definitely the right approach though because if you pay close attention then you can see that how much of a disaster a merger can be when you look at something called the Apple Arcade.

The mix-up in the medley of the Apple Arcade is something that everyone should take the lessons from. It is the perfect example that all that’s wrong with taking two very different operating systems and mashing them together into a mixed-up medley where no one wins.

Apple Arcade Is Not The Cross-Platform Utopia We Expected

Because developers have to make games that work on the tiniest iPhone and the largest iMac, they are forced into compromises that weaken the games on both platforms.

Now in no way are we saying that there are no good games on the Apple Arcade but the main problem lies with the platform more than anything else. Therefore Apple should take its own advice and fix this issue as soon as possible. If you are a person who had experienced playing games on Apple Arcade then you can find certain inconsistent controls of the games that at times downright ridiculous.

Gaming experiences have to be the same whether they are played on an iPhone, an iPad, and Apple TV, or a Mac. It is like an eternal paradox and the consumers are never going to be satisfied with it. So the merging is never a good decision for anyone. Apple should take steps about this as soon as possible.

Apple Arcade unquestionably presents several possibilities for both programmers and players. Developers are able to reach a wider audience on all platforms, including Apple’s, and players can choose from a growing selection of games that run smoothly on any device.

However, too many sacrifices have been made in order to reach this point, including but not limited to the visuals, the gameplay, and the performance. When making a game that will run smoothly across a wide variety of platforms, creators are forced to compromise in order to make sure everyone can play.

Apple has always said this would happen if iOS and MacOS were combined: the resulting hybrid would be too compromised, lacking the distinctive characteristics that make both systems excellent individually. And yet, this is precisely what Apple Arcade provides.

While Apple hopes we’ll see its devices as legitimate gaming platforms, the company needs to narrow its focus if it wants to be regarded seriously on the Mac. Any game in the Apple Arcade, and Fantasian is just one example, must deal with the same options and limitations.

While I hate to be the one to advise it (especially as a Mac gamer), maybe it’s time to phase the Mac out of the Apple Arcade altogether. The outcome could be beneficial to all parties involved.