5 Things You Didn’t Know About App Development

2020 has demanded we immerse ourselves in the digital world more than ever before. The restrictions placed upon us due to the Covid-19 pandemic have meant much of our social and professional interactions have had to go online. The result of this has been an increasing demand for digital applications to assist our daily needs.

Today, many consider the first-ever mobile app to be the 1997 arcade game, Snake, found on the Nokia 6110. Since then, apps have developed to assist everything from weight loss to entertaining and connecting, with online applications for anything we could possibly need.

Things You Did not know about app development

Due to our ever-growing dependence on the digital world, and the demand for everything to be easily accessible through mobile apps, the app development industry has become an extremely lucrative one. The profitability of app development is ever-increasing; big brands are willing to pay top dollar for their own user-friendly apps, whilst individuals are making money from creating and marketing mobile applications.

5 Things You Didn’t Know About App Development

For those of us outside of the app development industry, it can seem like a myriad of digital jargon and incomprehensible coding. If you’re looking to get started in app development, or you’re interested in the online applications we now depend on, here are 5 things you didn’t know about app development.

1. Apps Are Written Using Code

Apps require their own language: coding. Computer programming, often referred to as coding, is how we tell computers to do things. Used for a variety of digital appliances: microwaves, televisions, and phones all use coding. The professionals say that when creating an app, a coder will write code that tells the app exactly what to do. There are lots of experienced coding wizards that can help you write the elegant code needed for your app.

2. iOS Is The Most Common Platform For App Development

The debate between Android vs iOS is ongoing, but for many app developers, iOS is the preferred operating system. There are several reasons app developers tend to favor Apple’s computer operating system.

One of the reasons is that most iOS users are running on the latest update, which reduces the threat of potential bugs and glitches on the app. On top of this, developing an app for iOS is cheaper and more profitable; research shows Apple users are more willing to pay for an app or purchase in-app purchases.

3. You Can Outsource Your App Development

There are companies that can build your app for you. If you’re keen to develop your brand or business into an app, but you know nothing about creating or developing digital programs, don’t worry!

There are companies that can build your custom software for you! These brands will ensure your app is flawlessly executed, compatible with the platforms you desire, and can keep up with new technology.

4. Apps Us Advertisements

App development and distribution is a big money-making industry. Aside from the initial payment made to the app developer, the most common way for apps to continue making money is through advertisements. Advertisements have become the most common mode of attaining online revenue across a number of different industries.

Apps Us Advertisements

After hiring a company or individual to build your app, you will want to obtain revenue from your app. Making money from an app is often achieved through advertisements. You will see different adverts and formats on a range of the apps you use. Some apps use banners, whilst others might favor pop-ups or audio. Brands will tailor their ad strategy to their users and what resonates with them in order to monetize the platform successfully.

5. How Long Does It Take To Create An App?

Like all creative projects, the time it takes to create an app can vary. On average, it takes about 4-6 months to make an app. The time it takes to develop the app will depend on the complexity and features of the program. Hiring an experienced team of expert app developers will reduce the development time of your app significantly.

Our digitized society is only going to develop further. The events of 2020 have meant more businesses than ever have had to take their services online. It is online apps and applications that have assisted this essential transition. Having an understanding of how apps function and, are created can help us feel calmer and more confident about our growing dependence on them.

If you’re looking to develop an app for your business or want to get into app development yourself, numerous experienced experts can help you on your app development journey.