Antivirus Software – Do You Really Need One?

We have always been taught that the Internet is filled with all kinds of threats, primarily viruses that attack our devices, infect them and lead to the loss of vital data.

That’s why it was an obvious step to buy and install antivirus software on every device, from a traditional PC to a smartphone.

However, since there are some other options available and the Internet is constantly changing, going away from the dangerous and unsure place it once was, do we still need an additional piece of software?

Antivirus Software - Do You Really Need One?

Why was Antivirus Once Essential?

A few years back, when the Internet was still developing, it was, in fact, a much more dangerous place than it is now. The main threat was viruses that could attack your computer once you download something or open the wrong website.

We still believe that the Internet has as many threats as it used to, but the times have changed. This means that all kinds of viruses are not the worst thing that can happen to you online. However, antivirus software is still widely in use. Why?

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Antivirus software was first developed to protect electronic devices from viruses that could infect the whole system. Currently, however, it’s not the viruses that pose the greatest threats but malware.

These days it’s more likely to get into the system of your device through different sources, most often when you least expect it. You might be extremely cautious and careful when operating online, but the creators of malware are no beginners.

They know how to lower your guard and get through to your PC or smartphone. Luckily, antivirus software has changed too, and it is more adjusted to fight off dynamic online threats.

How does Antivirus Software Work?

If a piece of good antivirus software is something more than just protection from viruses, how does it actually work? To put it as simply as possible, it scans the files that are downloaded and software that is installed, detects any potential threats and deletes or quarantines any malware that might be caught in the process.

It’s like the gateway to your electronic device.

Antivirus Software - Do You Really Need One?

Do You Really Need Antivirus Software?

As the online sphere has become a much safer place, you might wonder if antivirus software is still a thing you need. The answer is yes, yet there is some “but”.

Currently, many operating systems, mainly the most popular one Microsoft Windows, have some type of antivirus software already installed. They are the basic protection that detects malware and still common viruses.

This means that if you already have the newest operating system and you did not invest in any additional antivirus software, you are still somewhat protected.

If you are using your electronic devices for work or financial matters, like paying and buying online, you might want to invest in some other ways of protecting your device – it might be antivirus software.

However, even if you have some additional software that protects you from malware and viruses, you cannot forget about other precautions. One of the best options currently available is a service called VPN– Virtual Private Network.

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It reroutes your traffic to some outside servers, which makes it impossible to locate your device. It ensures privacy and protection in the online world. Such a service is especially useful when you are using your bank account or transferring money. It does not matter if you’re shopping online or playing in an online casino.

A VPN service can help you stay safe and secure. However,even if you use a VPN service with antivirus software installed, you still need to stay alert and careful. This means avoiding suspicious websites, which is especially important when money is involved.

It is always advisable to use safe sites. For example, safe online casinos in NZ are listed on comparison portals that ensure safety if you want to play. Sites like Vegas Slots Online review every operator available in your area, provide opinions of others, and get familiar with all the rules, regulations, terms, and conditions.

Even the best software cannot fully protect you if you are not careful. The Internet world is still full of dangers, even less than it used to be, but hackers and scammers are constantly active.