Here are Top 10 Anime Trap

Here is a list of some of the more interesting and perplexing examples of non-binary characters in anime. This is not a ranking of who is most likely to fall into a trap, but rather a look at the commonalities that may be found among diverse characters. Anime’s most famous trap characters, from Frieza to Pico, are as follows:

Here are Top 10 Anime Trap

Anime Trap

1: Hideyoshi Kinoshita

Baka and Test: Summon the Beasts’s trap character tops our list. He’s just another regular guy in a class of 2-F students; he’s got a low GPA, but he gets by because to his skillful use of disguise and deception.

He’s a nice guy and very close to his prodigy twin sister, but he doesn’t like it when people mistake him for a lady, which is why he’s here.

2: Frieza

The first of our villains, and one of the most famous in the world. People still dread the invincible power of Dragon Ball Z’s Frieza, the Supreme King of Universe 7, even after his death. Frieza is one of Araki’s favourite villains, as he has stated often in interviews, and he is treated with the same awe and horror throughout the galaxy as is Beerus, the God of Destruction.

Frieza was the first major villain in the Dragon Ball Z era, but if you look at the Dragon Ball Super anime or manga, you’ll see that he appears frequently, sometimes as the main antagonist and sometimes as a supporting one.

3: Ritsu Sohma

Character who takes refuge in crossdressing opens up dialogue about the perverse effects of toxic masculinity on young people’s developing brains. Ritsu’s entire premise is that he dresses like a lady in order to cope with the pressures he’s under by appearing more feminine.

Even if there’s nothing inherently wrong with what he’s doing, the fact that Ritsu keeps doing it on a regular basis is a cause for concern. Fruits Basket is a great show because it takes its sweet, sweet time to examine and resolve character problems, which gives the story’s arc more depth and resonance in the end.

4: Tetra

Tetra, the first idol on this list, is a priest idol in the Log Horizon universe. Because she is a guy in her real life, she was unfortunately unable to escape the realm of Theldesia before its catastrophic end.

While many of the characters in Log Horizon, such as Akatsuki, have been playing the opposite gender in real life, Tetra seems to enjoy the gender-bending antics. Tetra enjoys taking on the form of a cute girl in her avatar and teasing the male members of her party, especially Naotsugu, who is smitten with powerful women. She adds nuance to her character with her humorous nature.

5: Chihiro Fugisaki

Despite how cool it seems at first, Chihiro isn’t cut out to be as calm and collected as one imagines a skilled coder to be; she is, after all, Danganronpa’s trap delicacy: the Ultimate coder.

Another common theme in the trap character genre, Chihiro was pressured into being tough and independent simply because he was a boy. He tried to escape this brutal treatment by behaving and dressing more like a girl, but this only made things worse.

Chihiro is a powerful and motivated worker, yet he is always hesitant outside of work. He is quick to apologise, but his emotions and emotional reactions lead him to believe that he is incapable of handling difficult situations. This characteristic of his gradually fades as the show progresses, but he never undergoes a radical transformation.

6: Aura Bella Fiora

Aura is the first tomboy on our list, and she can be quite demanding and dominant towards her bigger brother. Everyone she encounters feels the full force of her powerful and commanding presence. She is a Nazarick NPC who is completely devoted to Ainz, yet she is the only one who notices the creepy things he does in his role as Overlord. She has a passion for accumulating specimens of wild animals from all over Nazarick.

Aura also has a thing for the character Shalltear. Despite the fact that their interactions together make it seem as if they are mortal enemies who would kill each other if necessary, in reality they care deeply about one another and act very much like sisters.

7: Titus Alexius

Titus Alexius was conceived for the express purpose of taking over for Scheherazade as the Reim Empire’s Magi and legendary storyteller of the 1001 Arabian Nights. Titus Alexius comes out as conceited and conceited since he has been so successful from birth and has had to do nothing to earn his wealth. Until his showdown with Aladdin, he is a braggart who sings his own praises.

We learn that the people who advised him made him become this snooty version of himself after the battle, when he experiences a sudden change of heart. Titus’s caring and positive demeanour returned after spending the night in the hospital with Aladdin.

8: Mare Bella Fiora

As the more stereotypically feminine, meek, and introverted cliché of trap characters in anime, Mare, brother of Aura Bella Fiora, stands apart. Although he treats everyone he meets with utter deference and submission, he is fiercely loyal to Ainz and will stop at nothing to accomplish his mission, no matter how unpleasant that may be.

Unlike his older sister, who has contracted a sickness from the beast species found in the Nazarick plains, goofball Mare is keenly interested in the plant species around Nazarick. One particularly memorable scene between Mare and Overlord’s protagonist, Ainz, takes place when Mare is unable to finish his duty and no one else is there to assist him in doing so. Mare was moved to tears of excitement and gratitude for his master, Ainz, by Ainz’s encouraging words and unwavering commitment.

9: Ryoji Fujioka

A dad during the day and a performer at night. For one reason and one reason only, this fan-favorite character from one of the most progressive and out there series in the late 1990s anime scene, Ouran High School Host Club, makes the cut: those luscious locks.

Ryoji has an incredible demeanour, with a sunny disposition and a kind heart for his kid. The struggles and upheavals that have shaped him into who he is now are plain to see.

10: Jakotsu

Another darling among the Inuyasha fandom and the Pride groups that recognise him and his creator for making a bold stand in the young-male-targeted shonen genre. The stereotype flamboyant homosexual villain Jakotsu was popular in the 1980s and 1990s in Hollywood but had not been discussed in Japanese culture until recently.

To the media aimed at people of all ages, Jakotsu introduced the idea and concept of the common homosexual guy. Because of Jakotsu’s prominence and popularity during the genre’s formative years, LGBTQIA+ anime debates cannot do without mentioning him.