12 Best Hidden Android Features You Should Know

You can use a smartphone for making calls, listening to music, watching videos, and using the Internet. All these are the main, but not the only functions of the smartphone. Each device can give the user much more than they realize. There are many java apps, portable applications, etc. Let’s consider the exciting features of our phones.

Hidden Android Features

12 Best Hidden Android Features You Should Know

1. Health and Smartphone

Long-term use of a smartphone puts additional strain on your eyesight. If a person needs to use their device in the dark for some reason, it is recommended to lower the screen brightness. So you can ease the load on your eyes. However, you can use the smartphone for more severe procedures. For example, you can use it to measure your heart rate.

Some modern smartphone models have a built-in heartbeat sensor. But not all of them. If your smartphone doesn’t have a heartbeat sensor, you can use special software to emulate it—for example, the Instant Heart Rate program.

Android Health Feature

You can check your heart rate using this service on smartphones that have a camera with a flash. The user needs to put their finger on the camera lens and wait a bit. During this time, the program will be set up and ready to work. What happens next is the measurement of the heart rate. The program has a database that demonstrates heart rate norms in various conditions.

2. The Camera in Your Smartphone

One of the characteristics of a smartphone is the camera and its capabilities. But you can use it for more than just taking photos. Using the smartphone camera, you can check whether the remote control from the TV, air conditioner, or Any other device works properly.

You need to turn on the camera, and then point at the led from the remote control by pressing any button on it. If the remote control is working, the smartphone camera will record a shade of blue or purple from it. If the light is not visible, it means that the device is not working. In this case, it is usually enough to replace the batteries.

3. Remote Control

By installing a particular app on your smartphone, you can switch channels on your Smart TV and control smart home functions from anywhere in the room. Just tap the screen a couple of times to open the blinds in the morning, turn on the light in the room, or adjust the air conditioner. You don’t even have to get up from the couch! The connection is made either via Wi-fi or via the IR port.

4. Work Pass and Bank Card

Android smartphones have NFC tags that you can use to pay for goods in one touch, lean your phone against the turnstile, or check that you are on time for work. The NFC network will also allow you to transfer bulky files between phones.

5. CCTV camera

If you want to monitor the situation at home in your absence, it is enough to synchronize with the camera installed in the apartment. This way, you will always be aware of what is happening. You don’t need to install multiple video surveillance devices.

monitor cctv with mobile

If you want to see the entire perimeter of the apartment, one rotary camera and telephone control are enough. By the way, some manufacturers introduce a laser pointer and a voice message transmission function into the surveillance system.

6. Scanner at Hand

Modern phones have a “scan” camera function. It allows you to take a photo of a document even at an angle, and the smartphone will analyze everything and create a suitable photo format with cropped extra edges on the sides. If there is no such function in the smartphone, download the app, and the scanner will be at hand at any time.

7. Personal Translator

Perhaps everyone knows about the function of translating foreign languages. But there is no time to drive incomprehensible words into the translator. Now it is enough to take a picture of the text so that the smartphone translates it into the desired language at the same time.

The camera automatically identifies text from a photo. Travelers will need this feature. They will be able to quickly translate the inscription on the sign, in the guidebook, or in the metro!

8. Measurement Instrumentation

Do you need to measure something urgently? Currently, many applications have been developed that can replace the functions of some tools. Thanks to the built-in accelerometer, you can determine the angle of deviation of the surface from the horizontal and vertical. Modern devices also allow you to choose the length.

In some devices, it is enough to move the phone on the measured surface. In others – measurements are made using the camera. The result is usually entirely accurate. A useful feature that will help with repairs is the construction level. Of course, it is hardly worth using the phone in construction work or hoping for academic accuracy. But these little things will help out correctly if there were no tools at the right time.

9. Blocking Contacts Using A Blacklist

All smartphones allow you to block unwanted contact. To do this, enter the corresponding number on the blacklist.

However, this feature can be difficult to find on some devices. Therefore there is a simple way to install the Truecaller program. The service has its database of phone numbers of several operators. This allows the program to pass specific data to the user about who calls him.

The service can also define the recipient of SMS messages. After receiving information about another subscriber, the user decides whether to accept or block the call. If there is no number in the program database, it will inform the user about the country and city from which he is being called.

10. Smartphone Search

The owner of a smartphone should at least sometimes use services from Google Play. So he will be able to activate the control of the device remotely via the Internet. You need to have a Google account to do this.

If you lose your smartphone, you need to write “Find my phone” in the line of the Internet browser. The service will prompt the user to select the device attached to their account. The system can call this smartphone.

If geolocation is enabled on your device, you can find it on the map. In any case, when buying an Android smartphone, it is better to attach it to Google. This way, you can protect yourself from many unpredictable situations.

11. Disabling PIN Code At Home

PIN-code is an excellent way to protect information on your smartphone from prying eyes. But constantly entering the PIN code is quite tedious, especially at home, where it is not particularly needed. Therefore, Android has a mechanism for automatically disabling the PIN code in so-called safe places.

12. Quick Answer

Quick Answer

The quick response function allows you to send an SMS in response to a call immediately. By default, four answers are available, such as “I can’t talk” and “I’ll call you back.” But it’s pretty dull and mundane. If you want something more creative, you can edit the response templates.

Final Words

That’s it in hidden Android features. I am sure you could benefit from these Android features. I hope you liked the guide and do tell us about your favorite feature. Thanks!