‘Anchorman’ Star David Koechner Pissed Off Mug Shot After Dui, HIt & Run Arrest

A guy filling up his car with petrol was caught on camera drinking what seems to be a 7-Eleven Big Gulp.

There’s very serious rear-end damage on that car, so it could be the one he’s accused of ploughing into a road sign with.

'Anchorman' Star David Koechner Pissed Off Mug Shot After Dui, HIt & Run Arrest

It could be connected, or it could be totally unrelated, but whatever the case, be careful out there!

The star of “Anchorman” and “The Office” was picked up by local police in Simi Valley, California.

At roughly 3 PM PT on Friday, far before midnight, on suspicion of DUI and hit-and-run. Around 5 PM PT, Koechner was taken into custody and his vehicle was towed.

According to TMZ’s cites from law enforcement sources, a patrolling officer responded to a report of an erratic driver and found David to be at the wheel.

We’ve been told that he failed field sobriety tests, was arrested for DUI, and slammed into a traffic sign.

His release was documented online for the following morning at approximately 5 AM PT. His court date for this arrest is scheduled for March.

Koechner Had Not Commented Publicly On His Arrest Yet

Until this point, Koechner had made no public statements about his arrest. Still, Koechner has not yet made any public remarks about his detention, and his reps have not yet responded to TMZ’s request for comment.

The comedian is scheduled for a live performance in Los Angeles on a Wednesday evening, and his Instagram Story suggests he plans to show up.

The 59-year-old Koechner grew up in Missouri. He studied improv comedy at Chicago’s renowned Second City and graduated in 1994.

In 1995, he was hired by Saturday Night Live, where he would eventually work alongside Will Ferrell. After that, Koechner started working for Conan O’Brien on Late Night.


Koechner is one of the members of the comedy troupe that has been dubbed the “Frat Pack” by some viewers and critics.

Ferrell, Steve Carell, Jack Black, Ben Stiller, and many more of their generation’s most influential figures are all represented.

Among Koechner’s most recent roles on network television are those of Bill Lewis on The Goldbergs and Bob Pogo on F Is for Family. Thanks for read out Article ‘Anchorman’ Star David Koechner Pissed Off Mug Shot After Dui, HIt & Run Arrest.