American Horror Story Season 11 Release Date, Cast, Plot and More

Over a decade ago, no one would have predicted that the show that introduced us to the term “cranking” would still be going strong today.

That’s a bit of an open question, to be honest. Despite an impressive start with “Red Tide,” the “Death Valley” portion of Season 10 fell flat due to the predictable storytelling we’ve come to anticipate from Ryan Murphy’s “American Horror Stories” spinoff.

There’s still no reason to write off American Horror Story yet. For at least another 13 episodes, FX renewed Murphy’s flagship show for three more seasons in January 2020.


Ryan and Brad [Fulchuk] are indisputable masters of horror TV, having created the anthological limited series American Horror Story and maintaining its dominance for nearly a decade as FX’s highest-rated series,” FX chairman John Landgraf said at the time. ”

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The macabre brilliance of “American Horror Story” (AHS) has captivated audiences since its inception. With the release of Season 11, fans of the anthology series are eager to dive into the new depths of horror that the show promises.

If you’re one of the ardent followers or a newcomer wanting to get a taste of this spine-chilling series, here’s your comprehensive guide to “American Horror Story” Season 11.

A Brief Description of the American Horror Story

An anthology horror television series developed by Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchuk for the FX cable network, American Horror Story is titled “American Horror Story.”

Unlike previous seasons, the first season of American Story is designed as a stand-alone miniseries, following a new cast of individuals in a new locale throughout the course of the story. Each season has plot points that are loosely based on actual occurrences. Every season, a number of performers return to play a different character.

Season 11 of American Horror Story

There is no word yet from FX or Ryan Murphy on the season 11 title or premiere date, according to Deadline. There are also a few potential future topics Murphy has previously hinted at to his followers.

Murphy polled American Horror Story followers on Twitter in April 2021 to find out which of six possible season themes they were most looking forward to seeing.

Aliens, Christmas Horror, Bloody Mary, Piggy Man, Sirens, and Plague were some of the potential themes for this year’s film. Aliens, who emerged in Death Valley in Season 10, aren’t the only viable option for Season 11.

American Horror Story Season 11 Potential Release Date 

No release date for American Horror Story’s upcoming season has been announced as of April 2022. However, in contrast to many other shows, it appears that a firm timeline has been established for when we may expect it to return.

In spite of the show’s complex internal timeline, American Horror Story has maintained a fairly regular release schedule throughout the course of its decade-long existence.

Before season nine, each new chapter debuted in September or October, culminating in a terrifying (or, at times, perplexing) finale just before Christmas. Even though 2020 was cancelled due to COVID delays, the show kept its consistency and returned in October 2021 for season 10 despite this.

American Horror Story Season 11 Cast

Regulars like Evan Peters, who used to appear on American Horror Story on a regular basis, have faded away over time. For Jessica Lange, it was the end of an era after a few seasons. Sarah Paulson, one of the show’s most consistent cast members, has since stated that season ten may have been her last appearance on the show.

Paulson expressed doubts regarding her future with American Horror Story: Freak Show in an interview with Watch What Happens Live With Andy Cohen (via E! Online) “For the first time in three years, I’m unsure.

The current season of Horror Story appears to be my final one. What I mean is, I’m not sure. The first time he introduces me to this whacky persona, I’m like, ‘Yes!’ ‘Let’s do this!’ But, to be honest, I’m stumped.”

American Horror Story Season 11 Plot 

Ryan Murphy, the show’s creator, is typically secretive when it comes to each American Horror Story theme. But in April 2021, he put the fans to the test by asking them what they wanted to see in the show’s future.

Among the themes Murphy solicited feedback from his Twitter followers on was Aliens, Christmas Horror, Bloody Mary, Piggy Man, Sirens, and Plague, all of which have now been removed.

Aliens had a significant role in season ten, so we don’t expect to see them return very soon. However, what about the following possibilities? Sirens and Bloody Mary rounded out the top three most requested drinks.

The only problem is that Ryan didn’t divulge which choice truly won the vote and, more importantly, if these results would indeed have an impact on the 11th season of American Horror Story.

Recap of American Horror Story Season 10

Fans and critics alike are unanimous in their enthusiasm for American Horror Story. American Horror Story’s tenth season, on the other hand, was met with a mixed reception. Season 10 was dubbed “Double Feature” because the season was split into two independent cartoons rather than focusing on a single plot.

It was titled Red Tide and ran for the first six episodes. A family moves to Provincetown, Massachusetts, to start a fresh life, and Red Tide follows their journey. Her mother Doris is recuperating from a miscarriage, and Henry, her husband, is a writer who has to finish his current pilot.

Henry discovers that a local chemist sells “The Muse” tablets, which enhance one’s creative abilities. Give the Muse some human blood and she’ll be happy as can be. It was the name of the second half of Season 10: Part 2, which included Episodes 7 to 10.

How Many Episodes are Planned for American Horrot Show Season 11?

American Horror Story’s next season will include an undetermined number of episodes. Based on public feedback, the 11th season is expected to have 9 to 13 episodes. Despite the fact that the majority of American Horror Story episodes are between 11 and 13, in recent seasons, the series’ instalments have been shortened.

Because of this, it’s possible that Season 11 will have fewer episodes than originally planned. Eight episodes were produced for Season 10, which may have been due to the Corona Virus 2019 epidemic. As a result, we have no idea how many episodes of American Horror Story will be produced for season 11.

Where to Watch “American Horror Story” Season 11:

  1. FX on Hulu: Being an FX original, the most direct way to watch AHS Season 11 episodes, as they air, is on FX. For those who’ve cut the cable cord, “FX on Hulu” will be your go-to platform.
  2. Amazon Prime Video: Each episode, once aired on FX, typically becomes available for purchase on Amazon Prime Video.
  3. iTunes & Google Play: For those preferring digital collections, episodes can also be bought on platforms like iTunes and Google Play.
  4. VOD Services: Traditional Video On Demand (VOD) services offered by cable providers might also have the latest season for streaming.

American Horror Story Season 11 Original Network:

“American Horror Story” is an original series of the FX Network. Since its start, FX has been the primary broadcaster of the show, maintaining its reputation for producing edgy and groundbreaking content.

American Horror Story Season 11 Ratings:

Season 11, like its predecessors, has received a mix of critical acclaim and audience reactions. The series generally scores well on sites like Rotten Tomatoes and IMDb, with individual episodes often being praised for their unique take on horror, compelling narratives, and standout performances.

Always make sure to check these platforms for the latest reviews and audience scores for a comprehensive understanding of the season’s reception.

What is Season 11 of AHS Called?

Each season of “American Horror Story” has its distinct title reflecting the theme or the narrative of that particular season. As of my last update in January 2022, the official title or theme for Season 11 had not been disclosed.

However, the creators of AHS are known for their strategic and often mysterious marketing campaigns. It’s always best to check the show’s official website or FX’s announcements for the latest updates on season titles and themes.

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For the first time ever, a new season of American Horror Story will not air in 2020. In August 2021, the two films will be released as a double feature.

Then again, let’s hope that the premiere of American Horror Story: Coven doesn’t get pushed back to early fall of 2023. FX has extended AHS for three more seasons, meaning we’ll be able to see the show through to Season 13!

“American Horror Story” Season 11 promises another thrilling ride into the realms of the uncanny, the eerie, and the outright terrifying. Whether you’ve been a long-time fan or are just getting started, this season, like its forerunners, assures a deep dive into the human psyche’s darker corners. Happy watching, but maybe keep the lights on!