Amazon To Cover 100% of College Tuition for U.S. Hourly Employees

Amazon said that they are going to cover 100% of the total college tuition fee for the 750,000 hourly employees in the United States. This is a pretty big decision that they made this Thursday.

This is, however, seen to be coming because the competition is increasing and there is more need and demand for the workers as the need for the services are also increasing. Therefore in this cycle of supply and demand, the major Companies are providing a lot of benefits like employment benefits and educational benefits to woo more workers to their company.

Amazon To Cover 100% of College Tuition for U.S. Hourly Employees

Amazon has simply done the job to follow in their footsteps. This will be starting in January 2022. Amazon had made the promise that they are going to cover the cost of the tuition fee. This is not just one or half a percent of the fee, but it is going to be 100%.

They also promise to cover the fees for the textbooks for hourly employees. It is going to give this perk to the 90 days employment program. This is indeed a very big incentive that will make the people and workers flock to the company because, as it is known, the college tuition fee is not a joke.

Operations workers are given this benefit, but who are actually the operations worker? Well, if you did not know already, then they are the employees who are sprawling in the network of Amazon’s warehouses and distribution centers. The benefit will be applicable to almost hundreds of educational institutions all over the country.

This is the addition to the 95% offer that Amazon had given before. So what comes next year is yet to be seen. We are sure that people are looking forward to it the next year. So we will obviously keep it updated. Have a very good day!