What is ‘AM2R’ and How To Download It

AM2R, or Another Metroid 2 Remake, is a popular video game, unofficially part of the Metroid series. Milton Guasti is the developer. They developed it in 2016. This video game is based on the original Metroid games developed by Nintendo, but independently.

Nintendo sent a DMCA notice and put the game down for copyright violations. Furthermore, they disable Guasti from further developing it. However, the game is still available for download on various online sites.

You can play the official Metroid series games of Nintendo only on the Nintendo Game Boy consoles. AM2R, on the other hand, is developed specifically for PC, laptops or Mac computers, and you can download it for free.

It is because of this, apart from its improved graphics and features, that it remains popular among many Gamers. AM2R has its storyline based on the Nintendo game Metroid II: Return of Samus (1991), and is styled based on Metroid: Zero Mission (2004). The game is set in the fictitious planet SR-388.

The gamer controls the character Samus Aran. Samus is a bounty hunter, and her aim in this game is to eliminate the Metroids, a parasitic species. Galactic Federation had deployed her for this task on the planet.

The game involves exploring the planet through its underground tunnels. The developers have developed an elaborate map of the same.

You can play the Nintendo’s original version only on a Nintendo console and not on a computer. However, AM2R is a clone of that game developed specifically for computers. This article describes the various features of this game and the ways to download it online.

In the gaming community, few titles stir up as much emotion and nostalgia as Metroid. The series has garnered a massive following, but one fan-made project, known as AM2R, caught the attention of both fans and the legal team at Nintendo.

In this detailed guide, we’ll explore what AM2R is, where you can still find it, whether it’s available on GBA, and the reasons behind its controversial takedown.

What is AM2R?

AM2R stands for “Another Metroid 2 Remake.” It’s a fan-made project that aimed to recreate the 1991 Game Boy title “Metroid II: Return of Samus” using updated graphics, mechanics, and gameplay elements. Designed by a programmer known as DoctorM64, AM2R brought a fresh yet nostalgic touch to a classic title.

What Do You Do In This Nintendo Video Game?

The game involves the exploration of the planet SR-388 with the mission of eliminating the parasitic Metroid species. Samus travels across the planet and has to keep enhancing her abilities to unlock every region one by one.

She has to find and obtain various items which shall boost her capabilities like firepower and speed. A major way of gaining new weapons and ammunition is to defeat enemies and claim theirs. Chozo statues guard several weapons.

They are enclosed within energy orbs. Only Samus’ beam power can penetrate it. Another way of gaining weapons is by killing Metroid bosses and taking the weapons they leave behind. Destroyed enemies may also leave behind energy orbs, which boost Samus’ abilities.

Much of the game involves obtaining new items and boosting her capabilities. Samus appears clad in a powered suit and may gain two others as she progresses in the game – the Varia Suit and the Gravity Suit. These enable her to fire beams and ammunition and insulate (to varying degrees) her from the lava.

The weapons she possesses or may gain in the course of the game are of different types – beams, missiles, and powerbombs. She will also come across other items like an energy boost, speed boost, and high-jump boots.

Using her abilities, she has to destroy the Metroids and also resist other adversaries. Metroids are a parasitic species that drain the energy out of other beings. There are a total of 55 Metroids in this game, including bosses and minibosses.

They all belong to four phases of evolution – Alpha, Gamma, Zeta, and Omega – in ascending order of strength and size. Samus has to eliminate them to prevent their future use as biological weapons in the galaxy.

Apart from the adversaries, Samus also has to deal with the lava released from underneath the planet’s surface. In the initial stages of the game, she is more vulnerable to the lava, which slowly nears the surface.

The only way to control the lava is to trigger earthquakes, which will cause the lava to recede. Killing a certain number of Metroids induces such earthquakes. As the game advances, Samus gains further strength and abilities, which make her resistant to the lava.

The game is a fascinating expedition of gaining resources and skills, hunting and killing enemies and exploring new regions.

Best Features of AM2R

Developers have made AM2R for computers. Generally, this is based on the original Nintendo version, but with several additional features. The concept and style are similar to that of the Nintendo game Metroid: Zero Mission (2004).

Compared to its original version Metroid II: Return of Samus, it has improved graphics, background track, and several new elements in the game. Following are some of the main features of this game that have been improved upon:

1. This game has a map system simplifying the entire exploration network for the player.

2. New enemies, including minibosses of the Metroids, making the game more exciting.

3. New regions are added, motivating the player to explore further.

4. Upgraded artificial intelligence for the enemies, hence adding to the challenge for the player.

5. Log system enabling the player to view information on enemies and new areas.

6. The graphics and background music are of superior quality compared to the original game.

New abilities are included, such as ledge grab and stackable beam system, making the game at par with later releases of the Metroid series by Nintendo.

Download AM2R For Windows, Linux, Mac, And Android

Since Nintendo served a DMCA notice in 2016, the game AM2R had its links taken down. Besides, no update or a new version of it can be released. However, you can still download it via Torrent and play on PC, Mac, or Android devices. For this purpose, you must install a Torrent client.

For PC, the following link is the only official one remaining to download the latest existing version (AM2R 1.1):


Another link where the game can be downloaded is as follows:


The official link for downloading an older version (AM2R 1.0) is as follows:


In order to download the game from these links, make sure you have a Torrent client installed. Go to the home page of the Torrent client, and select Add Torrent option. Then add the URL of the torrent file in the box provided.

Remember, downloading torrents may be illegal, depending on where you are residing. It is safer to use a VPN to download torrents.

Download the APK file from this link and transfer it to your Android device. Before proceeding further, go to the Settings and enable the “Install from unknown sources” option.

You can Word this option differently depending on the device brand. After enabling this, open the APK file. Follow the instructions, grant the permissions, and then install the game.

What Does AM2R Stand For?

The acronym AM2R represents “Another Metroid 2 Remake,” signifying its intent to be a modernized reiteration of the original “Metroid II: Return of Samus.”

Where Can You Still Get AM2R?

The original AM2R project was taken down due to a cease-and-desist order from Nintendo. However, there are ways people share the game files through unofficial channels like torrent websites and gaming forums. It’s crucial to note that downloading the game through these means may carry legal risks, as the project is not officially sanctioned by Nintendo.

Can You Play AM2R on GBA?

AM2R was designed for Windows platforms and is not natively available on the Game Boy Advance (GBA). However, some fans have tried to port the game to various platforms, though these versions also fall under the same legal restrictions as the original PC version.

Why Was AM2R Shut Down?

AM2R was shut down due to intellectual property infringement. Nintendo owns the rights to the Metroid series, including characters, designs, and the storyline. Despite AM2R being a non-profit fan-made project, it still posed a potential legal threat to Nintendo’s intellectual property, leading to a cease-and-desist order that took the game offline.

Legal and Ethical Implications

The shutdown of AM2R raises questions about the line between fan admiration and copyright infringement. While fan-made projects often come from a place of love and admiration for the original work, they can also compromise the intellectual property rights of the creators and rights holders.


AM2R represents a fascinating intersection of fan culture and legal boundaries in the gaming community. Although it was shut down, its legacy continues to live on in the hearts of Metroid fans and raises important questions about the relationship between fan creations and official content. If you are looking to play AM2R, it’s essential to be aware of the legal implications surrounding the game.