12 Best Sites Like ‘Afdah’ To Watch Free Movies and TV Shows Online

Why do people prefer watching movies online than visiting cinema halls? Technology has advanced, and one can easily stream through any movie at any time. You don’t even need to move an inch to watch your favorite movie.

There is no need to book a portion of your time for a movie. Nevertheless, the internet connection is enhancing with the online movie watching sites demanding the minimal subscription cost.

Moreover, online sites like Afdah are nowadays in demand because of their flush functionality and gongs.

Best Websites Like Afdah to Watch Free Movies Online

What is Afdah?

Undoubtedly, Afdah is one of the most lionized online movie and TV show streaming websites. Moreover, it consists of a velvety interface that easily grabs the attention of the viewer. Not only Afdah hosts Hollywood movies but also hosts Bollywood, Korean, Russian and more in spades.

As per a disclaimer, Afdah is not at all blameworthy for any copyright, precision, consistency, legitimateness, and decency. Afdah is a high-quality resource to watch movies online. Furthermore, you will find a good collection of some popular movies that you can watch for free.


  • First of all, it works on PC and cellphones as it is embedded in JavaScript player.
  • Secondly, Afdah has multiple categories and genres like Horror, Romance, Action, Thriller, Mythology, Animation, Drama, Family, Fantasy, Fiction, Sport, Mystery, Biography, History and what not.
  • Every Video and TV show on the website has a short description, IMDb rating, and different random data to assist you with picking something worth your time.
  • Lastly, Optimized to both Android and iOS devices.


  • The download option is not available.
  • At times, to protect the ISP service users from illegal and pirated content the ISP services can block the website’s address.

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What To Do When Afdah is Down?

Using Virtual Private Network is a great way to bypass the iron curtain set by the ISP services. Enable the secured VPN connection to any VPN service provider and enjoy Afdah online. One can use alternatives to Afdah like Yes! Movies, GoMovies, MovieZAP and many more.

12 Best Sites Like Afdah to Watch Free Movies Online

1. 123Movies

123Movies is a huge platform to watch TV series, movies, series, and anime. Moreover, it provides users to watch amazing movies and TV shows without fee and registration. Also, users can watch movies on demand. Also, users can request through the support center. 123Movies has an umbrella of genres.


  • Firstly, it has impressive management of website content.
  • Secondly, it is free to watch.


  • Too many popup windows.

2. Yes Movies

Yes Movies is a website that provides full HD free online movies, TV shows, and TV series. Furthermore, it is the best choice to have a stunning online movie watching experience.

YesMovies contain several download options and a wide range of movies right from Hindi dubbed to Hollywood movies and TV series. Also, YesMovies has more than the magic number 300k online users day today.

Yes Movies consist of a huge spectrum of genres like Comedy, Action, Adventure, Animation, Costume, Biography, Crime, Documentary, Drama, Family, Fantasy, History, Horror, Kungfu, Musical, Mystery, Mythological, Psychological, Romance, Sci-Fi, Sitcom, Sport, Thriller, and more.

Yes! Movies have a user-friendly interface. It allows its users to handle the navigation with ease throughout the website. Yes Movies gives you an option to quest for online movies and TV shows that you wish to view.


  • Firstly, Yes! Movies is a straight forward click and play model as it doesn’t demand any enrolment charges.
  • Secondly, it is easy to search and scroll through its page.
  • A vast number of movies and is diverse.
  • Moreover, The movies are updated on a day to day basis.
  • Also, it is easy to share.
  • Lastly, it integrates the IMDB script.


  • Yes! Movie app is not available in Google Play Store or Apple App store. Hence, you have to get it from third parties.
  • The website is been locked down due to the illegal nature of the content.

3. GoMovies

GoMovies was established in 2015-16 and comprises of 98 million users at peak. Moreover, Go Movies has a range of amazing features and movies next to infinity which is the only genuine reason behind its popularity.

Furthermore, it is one of the sites like Afdah that formed a network of file streaming website operating from Vietnam which allowed the users to watch content for free.


  • GoMovies is safe for kids to use as most of the other online streaming sites are loaded with annoying or even consists of downright malicious ads and intrusive pop-up windows.
  • It provides facility to download movies and TV shows.


  • The content is provided by non-affiliated third parties sites.
  • It is unlicensed.

4. MovieZAP

Previously, MovieZAP was named as Movierocks. Movie ZAP provides multiple ways of recreation because of the spatial and convenient arrangement of its home page. Movie ZAP website concentrates mainly on new releases.

The content provided by MovieZAP is of great quality, for free and always online. MovieZAP provides you a facility to download high quality movies without registration.


  • MovieZAP has a magnificent library.
  • Consists of the intrigued assortment of movies.
  • No subscription required.


  • Lots of exasperating ads.
  • A lot of movies are still in cam quality.

5. LosMovies

One can browse through multiple options to filter movies based on the actors, genre, year, IMDB rating and so on. LosMovies has a wide audience from around the world, due to Los Movies’s smooth streaming and categories, making watching shows easier than ever!


  • It contains subtitles in different languages.
  • Interactive user interface.


  • Infuriating ads.
  • Too many interlinks.
  • Scintillating background.

6. BobMovies

BobMovies makes it simple for users to browse through an amazing collection of renowned movies based on the country and many other parameters. Bob Movies offers a choice to check and watch the trending movies on IMDB.

BobMovies stream high precision quality movie collection free. The unique options that you have to work with here are entertaining and will give you a great way to enjoy fun entertainment.


  • Aesthetic library of various genres and categories.
  • Spunky user interface.


  • Crowded home page.
  • Vexing ads.

7. LookMovie

LookMovie is one of the best alternatives to Afdah when it comes to finding the latest TV shows. This website is prolific to offer a trouble-free movie watching experience. Look Movie barely contains any non-working links of players.

Look Movie also features various TV shows along with the latest web series and movies. LookMovie has a user-friendly content filter. Look Movie incorporates multiple genres to choose from. There are fewer ads. Every movie comprehends a short description.


  • Simple and sophisticated website.
  • Consists of the latest movie features.
  • Includes new filters and is user friendly.
  • Includes no registration charges to stream through movies.


  • The pop-up ads cover the entire page which is pretty galling.
  • These ads shift the LookMovie website to the next tab.

8. Starz

Starz is a leading global media and entertainment company that produces and distributes premium streaming content to worldwide audiences across subscription television platforms.

The best part about Starz site is that it is clean and simple for the users to use. You will also not see those annoying popup ads while you try to watch a movie. Starz lets you adjust the quality of the stream based on your device.

Starz offers subscribers more than 7,500 distinct premium television episodes and feature films, including STARZ Original series, first-run movies, and another popular programming.

It thrives to provide challenging, stimulating, and fun environment that attracts talent, rewards achievement, and inspires loyalty.


  • Starz embraces a 30- day free trial.
  • It has a surfeit of TV shows, TV series, and movies to choose from.


  • Movies are not often updated.

9. Sling TV

Sling TV is an American over-the-top internet television connection established on February 2015. SlingTV is not designed to be a full substitute for a traditional pay television provider, but as a complement to subscription-based online services such as Netflix.

SlingTV possesses different subscription rates as per the package you choose. Sling TV requires a broadband home internet connection of at least 5.0 megabits per second (25 MBPS or higher is recommended). The user interfaces far better than the traditional cable TV grid guide.


  • It has the same commercial breaks and national ads as the standard TV channels and nothing vulnerable.
  • There are no contracts, and you can cancel or resume service anytime, with no penalties.
  • It is much cheaper than any other online service providers.


  • It only avails in the United Nations.
  • Sling TV also lacks many regional sports networks that are probably found on your local cable service.
  • There are few un-skippable and un-pausable ads and some on-demand content.
  • It needs a subscription.

10. FMovies

FMovies is a social movie network and a movie streaming site on the house. It enables the viewers to binge through 6000 movies and 8500 TV shows. You will be updated every time new content is uploaded on the FMovies site. You will get a notification through email.


  • Firstly, you will not encounter ads while watching something.
  • Secondly, you can watch your favorite TV show or movie free of cost.
  • Lastly, excellent arrangement of items on the home page.


  • The site is filled with infernal ads on its homepage.

11. Putlockers

Putlockers offers a catholic approach to find amazing content online. Moreover, Putlocker provides the newest collection of movies that one cannot afford to miss. Putlockers provides movies that are highly rated and most-watched.

Also, you can click on any of the movie posters around the site to load up a suitable link for watching the movie. The process for loading up something works effortlessly.


  • One can watch high-quality IMDB movies.


  • Crowded website.

12. FilmClub

Last but not least on the list of best sites like Afdah. FilmClub operates from an efficacious server that can handle multiple movies and makes it handy to find videos without having to go from one link to another.

Film Club site has recently gone through the remodeling of its webpage. Film Club has a ravishing look that lets one find movies based on search. FilmClub has a vivid list of genres right from Horror to Sci-Fi.


  • Alluring dark background.
  • Enlists a short description of the movie along.
  • Up to date IMDB rating.


  • Displeasing redirection tabs.
  • Irksome popups.

Benefits of Afdah

Afdah’s popularity can be attributed to its myriad benefits, some of which include:

  1. Extensive Library: Afdah offers an enormous collection of movies and TV shows across genres and languages.
  2. User-Friendly Interface: Its simple design makes navigation a breeze, even for those who are not tech-savvy.
  3. No Registration: Unlike other platforms that require sign-up, Afdah allows you to stream content without creating an account.
  4. High-Quality Streaming: Most content is available in high-definition, ensuring a satisfying viewing experience.
  5. Multi-Platform Availability: Afdah can be accessed through various devices, including smartphones, tablets, and PCs.

What Can I Use Instead of Afdah?

If for any reason you can’t access Afdah, there are plenty of alternative platforms available:

  1. Popcornflix: Known for its large selection of movies and TV shows.
  2. 123Movies: Offers a similar library to Afdah but includes even more TV series options.
  3. Putlocker: One of the oldest and most trusted streaming platforms.
  4. Tubi: Unlike most free streaming sites, Tubi is fully legal and offers a wide range of classic films and series.
  5. Crackle: Backed by Sony, this platform offers both movies and original content.

Why is Afdah Gone?

The phrase “Afdah is gone” is often cited during instances when the website is inaccessible. However, it’s essential to note that Afdah has faced multiple legal challenges and has been shut down or blocked in several countries due to copyright issues. Sometimes, the website changes its domain to bypass these restrictions.

Is Afdah a Free Movies App?

While Afdah offers free streaming through its website, there is no official Afdah app for mobile devices. Beware of third-party apps claiming to be Afdah, as they might be unsafe or contain malware.

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Summing Up

Labeled above are the sites like Afdah that provide HD quality and high rated movies. Lastly, these sites are mostly free of cost and easy to access. One has multiple choices to browse through like Afdah and its alternatives. Also, these alternatives to Afdah are highly active and functional.

Afdah has carved a niche for itself in the world of free online streaming due to its extensive library and user-friendly features. While the platform faces legal challenges, leading to temporary unavailability, there are plenty of alternative sites to choose from.

Whether you’re looking for an official app or have concerns about legality, it’s important to stay updated and informed.

Feel free to share this article with friends and fellow movie enthusiasts who might find it beneficial. Your share could introduce someone to their next favorite movie platform!