What is ‘AAE’ File and Should You Delete It

Many people report their issues with .AAE files while they are transferring the photos. And they were confused to open a particular photo while searching, they found similar options more than one. These photos can transfer to your Windows or Mac systems.

In Windows, it creates a lot of problems and irritates the user. Many users are don’t know about the AAE files and what purpose these files are used. While users are trying to open it, an error message appears to them. Then they become frustrate and don’t know how to solve this issue.

An AAE file is a sidecar file generated by iOS devices when editing a photo. These files store non-destructive changes made to images, like filters, cropping, or adjustments to lighting. In essence, an AAE file helps preserve the original photo while allowing you to see the edited version on your device.

What is .AAE files?

The format of .AAE files are designed on the iOS device by photos app. Apple launched this format type of file with the iOS 8. This AAE files are XML- based format. It is created to store the information of modified a certain JPG file. The main work of this file is to transfer the modified data of the photos and store itself so that the users can access the original photos at any time.

It means original photos are unmodified; just their copies are edited and stored as another copy. Hence, in any case, the user wants to delete any photo, the modified photo will be deleted. But original photos still existed on your device.

How Can You Open or How We Can Transfer the AAE Files?

Since you are unable to open these files in your system directly, but we have a way to open these files by some methods. The .AAE files extension is hidden in the system by default.

They appeared in an image format without any extension icon on the folder or document. To open this file safely in your Windows system, follow the given below steps of some methods:

Solution 1: Upload Files on Cloud Storage

Step 1: If your Windows have existed with Dropbox or any Cloud storage, then upload AAE files to It.

Step 2: Now, gather all the images from Dropbox or Cloud storage.

Solution 2: Use Email

Step 1: Send these files to yourself via email.

Step 2: Now download the files once again.

Note: The original size of the images not retained. There are some slight changes in the size of the images.

Solution 3: Use Photo Editor

Step 1: Install any photo editing app on your device.

Step 2: Now transfer the photos to the editing app.

Step 3: Without making any changes to the photos, once again save them.

Solution 4: Use Social Media Apps

Step 1: Select all photos of the AAE files and upload them to social media apps like Instagram, Telegram, Facebook, and many more.

Step 2: Now, once again, download them.

Note: The quality of the images may be reduced after downloaded from the social media apps in which you uploaded the .AAE files.

If you rename or move these images to a different folder with AAE file format, just make identity to it.

Should Delete the .AAE Files?

Yes, you can delete the AAE files in your system permanently. These files on the Windows system are a little bit to use and not too much used for any purpose. The size of the images in the AAE file format is very small. It may be around 1kb for each image.

If you leave the AAE files in the system, it may not lead to any problem if the files are unnecessary and they occupy just some kb storage only. If you need to delete them, then just go and delete them. It cannot affect your photos in your system.

Can I Convert an AAE File to JPG?

You can’t directly convert an AAE file to JPG because it’s not an image file—it’s a file that stores edit information. However, you can obtain the edited JPG image in two ways:

  1. On iOS Devices: Simply share or transfer the edited photo, and the changes stored in the AAE file will automatically be applied to the JPG version.
  2. On a Computer: Transfer the original image along with the AAE file to your computer and use compatible software like Apple Photos to read both and display the edited image, which you can then save as a JPG.

Can I Delete AAE Files on My iPhone and Android?


On iPhones, AAE files are usually hidden and don’t consume significant storage space. Deleting an AAE file will remove any edits made to the associated photo, reverting it to its original state.


AAE files are not native to Android and usually appear when transferring edited images from an iOS device. It’s generally safe to delete these files on an Android device, especially if you’ve already transferred the edited image.

How Do I Open AAE Files on Android?

Native Android systems can’t read AAE files. However, if you transfer both the original image and the AAE file from an iOS device to an Android phone, some advanced photo-editing apps may recognize the edit changes.

For most users, the best solution is to convert the edited image to JPG on an iOS device or a computer first, then transfer it to the Android device.

Why is My Video an AAE File?

AAE files are strictly associated with photos and not videos. If you find that a video file is associated with an AAE extension, it’s likely an error or a glitch. Make sure to check the file type and consider troubleshooting your device’s media settings.

Why Is There an AAE File?

AAE files exist to store non-destructive edits made to photos. This allows users to revert to the original photo if they wish to undo changes, offering a flexible way to edit photos without loss of original data.

Do I Need .AAE Files?

If you want to preserve the flexibility to undo photo edits, then retaining the AAE files is beneficial. However, if you’re sure about the edits and need to free up storage or transfer images, converting them to JPG and deleting the AAE files is a valid option.

Download for Free

While specific software for opening or converting AAE files isn’t generally necessary, you can download Apple Photos for free on Mac systems to handle AAE files seamlessly. Alternatively, numerous free photo-editing apps are compatible with AAE files.


The mentioned will certainly help you if you in problems with its AAE files. This given information helps you to open or delete or recover the AAE files on your system. So, follow the above-mentioned procedure for a certain issue to solve it.

AAE files serve a specific purpose in the iOS ecosystem, offering non-destructive photo editing capabilities. While these files aren’t directly convertible to JPG or applicable to Android systems, understanding their role can enhance your photo-editing experience and help you make informed decisions about file storage and transfer.