5 Games at the Best Online Casinos in the US

For many Americans, Las Vegas is the capital city of gambling entertainment in the world. Its casinos, seas of slots, rows of poker tables, lavish hotels, and concert halls create a once in a lifetime experience. But when you think about it, the Internet is quickly becoming the go-to place for playing casino games. It’s easy to access.

5 Games at the Best Online Casinos in the US

There are numerous casinos, games are cheap, and you can save the costs incurred on a trip to Sin City. What are the best games to play at online casinos in the US? Try these games.

Best Online Games

#1: Slots

Slots, one-man bandits, pokies, vending machines—they go by different names. And they are incredibly popular at online casinos. Both players and the operators love these games, of course, for different reasons.

Players like slots because they are easy to play, exciting, and can be profitable. Indeed, progressive jackpots—slots with an increasing grand prize—pay up to $20 million to lucky winners.

On the flip side, casinos like slots because they are excellent money makers for the house. Get this—most casinos generate over 70% of their income from slots. So, why would they hate these games?

Instead, they pack their libraries with hundreds or 1000+ slots, giving players as many options as possible. You could play movie-themed slots, sports-themed, classics, VR-slots, or Megaways slots.

Whatever you do, choose high-paying games. Slots are games of chance, so your best option lies at games with 95% to 99% payout rates. Also, pick top-rated games. The logic is if players like them, then they must pay out often.

#2: Video Poker

Before 2000, video poker games were as popular as slots. In fact, some casinos had more video poker games than slot machines. These days, you can’t miss Jacks or Better and several more variations at popular casinos. But the games are not as popular as they once were.

That said, Video pokers are great if you like high-paying casino games. Picture this.  Jacks or Better has a 99.50% payout rate. On the flip side, Deuces Wild has an RTP of over 100%, while Joker’s Wild pays out at 99.10%.

In case you’re wondering, you can also get a bonus to play video poker at the top casino sites for US players. Roulettesites.org has a comprehensive guide that shows the number of slots and card games at various casinos. It also shows you each operator’s payout rate and bonus.

#3: Roulette

Different games come and go, but roulette is always available at the best online casinos. It’s a game of chance. It comes in several variants and has as many bet types as sports. European and American roulette are the most common variations at casinos.

The European version has a wheel with 37 pockets. One of the pockets is labeled green and holds the number zero (0). The remaining pockets are labeled black or red and hold the numbers one to 36.

The American version has one extra pocket that holds two zeros (00). However, the addition of this pocket increases the house advantage and lowers the odds of winning any bet type significantly. For that reason, many experts advise against playing this game.

When it comes to betting, you can wager as little as ten cents at many casino sites. The expert advice is to wager on bet types with high odds, say blacks/reds or odds/evens. The odds here are 48% on European and 47% on American roulette.

#3: Blackjack

Blackjack is another casino game whose popularity has declined over the years. But that’s just because there’s a lot more competition from other games. It’s a card game played with a dealer, which is why some people think it’s prestigious.

The drill: you get two cards in the first round, similar to the dealer. You can see one of the dealer’s cards, which helps you decide whether to double down, stand, or hit another card. The goal is to get a hand of twenty-one, or close to 21, but better than the dealer.

Like roulette, blackjack comes in many types: Blackjack Switch, Atlantic City, Vegas Strip, progressive, Pontoon, and Spanish 21 blackjack types. Each variation tweaks the rules a little bit to make it more exciting or to payout at better rates.

Start with Classic Blackjack before you delve into its variants. Also, learn a few blackjack types. They’ve made people rich, including the famous MIT team that made over $5 million counting blackjack cards in Las Vegas in the ‘80s and ‘90s.

#4: Poker

No casino feels competitive without poker games. Texas Hold’em, Omaha, 7-Card Stud, 5-Card Draw, and Caribbean Poker are the most player variants of the game online. However, you can check around for casinos that also feature HORSE, Pai Gow, and more variations.

Online Poker Game

The beauty of online poker is that you can play it with real players at live casinos akin to video games like Fortnite and CS: GO. All you need is a high-quality web camera, stable Internet access, a microphone, and an account at a top-rated online casino.

Playing poker with friends isn’t just interesting. It also helps you exploit one another’s weaknesses, creating a competitive atmosphere found at land-based casinos. In fact, live casinos make poker so realistic that some people have become professional players over the Internet.

#5: Baccarat and Scratch cards

Keno and craps might miss at many online casinos. But baccarat and scratch cards are always available. Baccarat is the most popular card game these days, thanks to Chinese high rollers in Macau.

It’s also a simple game that works like blackjack, even though there are significant differences. In Baccarat, the objective is to get a hand of nine. But if you exceed, it doesn’t become an automatic loss. Instead, you eliminate the digit on the left so that 15 become five or 13 turns into one.

Scratch cards are equally simple to play. You pick a virtual card and bet it features a set of specific numbers or words—think of the lottery. Then you press a button to reveal the hidden numbers. If you’re lucky, you win.